February 26, 2009

The Farmer's Daughter

green farm

green farm

green farm

green farm

green farm

green farm

green farm

Oh yeah, coming from a family of farmers gave me farmer's feet. My Dad's a farmer before he migrated to US, my late grandfather's a farmer also, maybe his pop's a farmer too, i don't know, and maybe if i were a boy id be a farmer too. But not really. even if i were, gosh it's hard work. I can't remember the last time i went to our farm. It was years ago. And every time i see or pass by one i can't help but reminisce my short stint as a farmer, most about harvest season. Me, my brother and our cousins would go "to help", more likely just to play around in our complete farming gear (long sleeved shirt, knee length socks over pants, mostly what my dad prefers), chase carabaos and take a bath on some carabao's pond, it's not really a pond, it's more of a mud. I love the feel of those mud almost burying half of my legs and if i go out of balance, ill fall flat on my face. It only happened once if i remember it correctly, and twice for stepping on carabaos stool. I know, this entry is starting to smell pretty bad instead of a fresh memory am trying to convey. For that i apologize.

And one of those sweetest memories, was when my mom taught me a song, we were in our little hut and a vision of my dad tending to the rice field. Here it goes:

May isang papel na lilipad-lipad
Saluhin mo Denden ng dalawang palad
Kung itatanong kung kaninong sulat
Padala ni daddy, dadating na bukas.

It's so silly, cos every time am alone i find myself humming to that song. I don't know if that was my mom's original or what, but to me it feels so whimsical. I wish you can hear me sing it now. I love that song. One day, i hope ill be able to sing it to my baby too. Koffy's still totally mute, i keep praying though that next year he'll learn this song finally.


kociaszafa said...

Thank you:)

modern antoinette said...

Wow your soo lucky to have such a beautiful scenery for your photoshoot. I love the striped sweater, it look great on you.

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smilecusiluvu said...

cute outfit of the day =) you remind me of a friend that I have

The Clothes Horse said...

Fun outfit! It's funny how our parents have such big influence on us.

Mode Junkie said...

love the pictures with the gumamela.

Marcella said...

I think you're so lucky to have such memories - definately hold on to them for your future little boys and girls! :)

proudly says, said...

you look stunning in your stripes.
i love it...green is my fave color.
huh, i'm missing Philippines when i saw red gumamela.

C a t r i n a said...

mhhh absolutely amazing outfit!
you look stunnning!:)
Love these pic's.

Elizabeth said...

i love your outfit so much ecspecially the tights

Lisanne said...

the outfit looks nice
i'm following your blog

Denise L said...

thank you all so much guys.

am really loving green now and these tights are so cool. i can't stop wearing them. that reminds me that i need to buy more.


thanks again for dropping by! have a great weekend!

Alice Point said...

You live in a beautiful place! I wish I visit Philippines someday! :)

Have a nice weekend,


ps. in Poland we have a lot snow now;) it is very cold.

Isa said...

you are absolutely adorable inside and out! I always love reading your comments, you´re funny, witty and an absolute sweety! thank you for that.
and I can´t get over how beautiful your surrounding is- magical! I wish I could come some day and we´d have coffee and elderflower juice with flowers in our hair.


thoeythoey said...

beautiful photos!

Tina said...

gorgeous outfit! loving your top

Noelle Chantal said...

wow, you came from a family of farmers. very interesting naman!

alam mo, every time i see a farm or palayan, i'm excited! one time my family and i went to biak na bato for a cave splelunking adventure. going to the caves, we passed by this dreamy huge farm. agad agad we removed our shoes, walked in the mud and enjoy the farm, took pictures with carabaos etc. it was so much fun! :)

ana b. said...

Wow. The memories you have of your brief stint farming as a kid is so beautiful! I moved to NZ from the Philippines when I was 8. I'm going back for the first time in April for a holiday.

Exciting news about you and your husband moving to NZ!

Abbey at MilkChildren said...

Thankyou for the link.
thes pictures are beautiful.

waht part of nz are you moving to? xox

karl kaufman said...

My wife also came from a family of farmers, and like you she has fond memories of farms and carabaos and mud. Btw, nice stockings! Puwede kang maging goth, hehe.. :)

curious rose said...

hi!great top!thanks for your comment on my blog, where in nz are you going to?

Merily said...

The place looks amazing, and so do you! :)

Merily said...

And I just had to ask- what camera/lens do you use, the quality of you picture is SO fine!

Karen said...

beautiful photos, you live in an amazing place!



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