March 9, 2009

The Heat is ON


Summer is here!!!!!!!
Okay, before i lose my voice shouting that out on top of my lungs like a mad woman, let me just say that.....SUMMER IS HERE!!!!! and the heat is sooooooo ON!
  • We're having a fab week. Honeymoon to the nth time now and it's getting better and better and better.
  • I feel so ridiculously sugar drugged every time we're on a beach, jumping and climbing rock here and there, or maybe it's the heat that causes it - husband is gravely concerned.
  • Koffy is extremely missed.
  • I missed everyone too. Please do bear with me, ill reply to all your nice comments soon and blogging will resume till husband says so. hihihihihihihi.
  • As much as i wanted to post all the pictures my adorable husband took, seriously, that can't be possible, so here are some. Hope this feels like taking you all with us.
  • Have a great Monday!
  • oh, ps. Some asked me many times what camera my husband is using and am so sorry for always forgetting to answer that. He's now shooting with Nikon D40. He is always on manual mode which i don't have the slightest idea how that works. He got it for his birthday, i got him a nice camera so ill look fabulous on all the pictures he take. hihi. well, I am one smart and lucky girl i guess. hihi. So again, bye for now.


Nina (femme rationale) said...

GORGEOUS photos! i'm so jealous! i wish i was on an island vacation.

and yay for nikons!! ;)

Nina (femme rationale) said...

btw, which lens does your husband use? his photos really are amazing.

Eve said...

oh my!!! i am in love with these photos!! that place is beautiful :O
oh my oh my i wish I could go on vacation to a place like that!
it is still winter here lol. Spring will be here soon tho. =)

tell ur husband he rocks at taking photos! his camera must be awesome :O
have fun!!

Tokyobanhbao said...

ohhh my gosh!!!!! what a sunny place! and what a lucky girl you are!!!! makes my day sunny!!;-) thanks and enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

i am speechless. You have great pictures. Your husband is a very talented photographer. Hats off to him. Where is that place? Philippines seems like a very beautiful country. Now i am thinking of having a vacation there. I will email you most probably once we have decided when. You look so young for a 28 year old girl. In a good way.I hope that does not offend you.

dropping by,
Amelia of NY

phamzy said...

hi dear! lovely photos! honeymoon on the nth time! lucky momma! lol.

your husband takes good picture!

sure, we could exchange links!

janettaylor said...

Lovely photos, Denise! U are so adorable! :)

xoxo: Janet

Isa said...

oh.. summer, heat and beaming faces. how I wish summer was here already!
well, partly I don´t because I will really enjoy spring and the blooming atmosphere but summer is my favourite season, makes me feel like being on illegal substances for three months, hehe.

anyways, enjoy your honeymoon, beautiful little miss!

saray said...

wow stuning photos!
looks like you had a lot of fun..

isabelle said...

beautiful pics! I also want to swim in blue water. Summer, where are you!! nice blog btw! :)

Ida said...

Sensational pictures! You look absolutely happy, and oh my that's a lot of sun. We've only got rain&cold here *lol*

Have a fantastic new week <3

Mode Junkie said...

can't wait to be back in the philippines. aahhh the beach looks so good. :) fantastic photos.

Noelle Chantal said...

hello summer!!! i'm excited to post my other summer photos too! i wore a banig hat too, just like your's! bought it in Quiapo hehe :)

these beautiful photos were taken at Hundred Islands, am i right? happy honeymoon! hehe :)

The Stiletto Effect said...

Hi :)
WOW lucky you, here is still winter! :(

Emz said...

Summer? I'm SO JEALOUS! That place looks beautiful!!

phamzy said...

your husband take good pictures. oh lovely philippines! miss my home big time.

sure dear, we could exchange link. pls let me know.

Shyn said...

hi! really great pictures you have here. i'm green with envy. hehehe :)

Milli said...

God you are so beautiful and the Philippines looks like like such a beautiful place, and like other commenter's ^^ i now want to visit it thanks to you. :)

Lovely blog n_n

Eve said...

check my blog for an award I gave you!

The Clothes Horse said...

I hate you right now. Will you pretty please trade lives with me?

proudly says, said...

sexy denise!
your hubby is a great photographer.
you're so lucky... having him as a husband &!
oh boy, i miss pinas already *sigh*
i can't wait to see more photos...

Marcella said...

Very smart move on your part indeed! Although I'm pretty sure there is no way your husband would mind owning an instrument to help him showcase what a beautiful and joyful wife he has =D

I wish I could live somewhere as idyllic as you do!

Denise said...

@amelia: Philippines is indeed a very beautiful inviting place. lots of nice hospitable people too.

of course, sure, ill wait for that email.

God bless you and your family.

@milli: thanks girl.

hope to see you here again.

ana b. said...

This is utterly gorgeous. Is this in the Philippines? You look like a total beach babe. And as for your wonderful photographer husband, his pictures are beautiful and so crystal clear!

stilettostetico said...

I really like the exquisite perspective handbag / pretty polished toes, it truly sounds as a Graceful illustration of "Fetish Delicacy" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Sol said... That place looks amazing, i'm gonna scratch everything bad i said about warm weather... i so wanna hit the beach now!

modern antoinette said...

Wow those pictures are amazing. I'm so jealou of you...ahaha. I wish I was in a bikini too.

Have a great time gorgeous.


Sol said...

AND the Kirsten Stewart comment is a total COMPLIMENT!!

phamzy said...

denise- thank you for adding my blog. you are in my blogroll now!

fhen said...

the photoshoot are fantastic!
seems like you are having so much fun!
whats the exact name of the location?
i want summer tooo
it is always been raining in here these dayss
even while i'm writing this, the thunder is rambling

Abbey at MilkChildren said...

truely jealous.
this looks too beautiful. These photos are amazing, did I say I was jealous? Haha. I love your dress in the last post xox

Anonymous said...

I gave you an award :)

karl said...

They're right, we have the best beaches here in RP judging from your photos. :)

Ida said...

Hey love!

So honeymoon AND birthday, huh? :))) Wish you loads of fun, hope you spend them both unforgettably.


P.S. The lipstick is actually a mix between Estee Lauder's Rose Tea and Crystal Baby, in this order. Makes a pretty nice combo:)

Hippiegirl said...

That look like PARADISE!!! wow, fantastic pictures.. i'm so jealous!!!!

HoneyBunny said...

oh my goodness!!!!! the views are so stunning!!!!!! I envy you being there so much:) ahhhhhhh amazing photos!

Demi said...

such gorgeous photos, what a beautiful place!!


Cyrielle said...

this place looks like "the beach", the movie with leonardo di caprio

Protege said...

These pictures are amazing for me to see; I wish summer was here now. But in my part of the world, we never have exotic climate such as yours.;)


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