March 16, 2009

Almost a Year Ago and Yesterday

Almost a year ago, March 18, 2008 we had our prenuptial pictorial held at Eco park. And now a year after, and as i am browsing each picture, i can't help but smile and think to myself we absolutely had lots of fun that day, and to have an experience i know will never happen again makes me hold on to that memory. It was indeed once in a lifetime thing. So please enjoy these few selected photos. We had FUN, hope so are you!!!!


Yesterday, March 15, 2009, birthday coffee dinner with husband and Koffy. Yey!


Happy birthday Mommy! kisssssss!


Everybody's calling me, i wish everyday is my birthday...then id be super old now. hihi.


I am sorry about the fruit stand picture. Totally not post related, I just can't keep this secret anymore the fact that am 90% fruit-arian for the past couple of months now. I don't know, am shy about saying it. I guess we all go through some changes and right now this is mine. Well, ill never know a month from now what's gonna be new for me. hihi.

Thank you all so much for the birthday greetings. You made my day soooo special. The bag is a woven abaca which is my fave bag now and the beaded wallet is a gift from a best friend. It's so pretty and shinny.


Gia said...

perefct photo! i like youre firt dress!

Hippiegirl said...

these pictures of you and your husband are incredible beautiful.. wow!

sarah said...


Sol said...

Those pictures are so cuuuute! You guys look amazing together. I love the one where you're kissing <3

That must be the best wallet ever. It's so fun!

Julia mode said...

beautiful photos !! =)


She's Dressing Up said...

The photos of you and your husband are so lovely =]

phamzy said...

hello denise! happy birthday and happy anniversary! sorry, i'm late. lol.

have a wonderful week!

Emmy said...

these pictures are so beautiful, not to mention absolutely adorable! love them!

janettaylor said...

Congratulations, my dear! U and Ur husband are so adorable! ;)

xoxo: Janet

Anna Pope said...

You are both gorgeous :*

cereza72 said...

Such beautiful prenup fotos you have there!I wish I had one taken when I got married but we were short of time during that time. Anyway, you look pretty as usual:)BTW,can I link with you? Have just re-opened my blog and you'll have the honor of being my first link, heheeh! Have a nice day ahead. Ciao!

Maan said...

wow! really nice photos!! i love it! perfect couple! :)

btw, i got an award for you. please do check my blog. thanks! :)

The Clothes Horse said...

Those pictures are just overflowing with sweetness! You both look fantastic and so happy!

modern antoinette said...

I love those pictures. You guys look so in love!!!


ana b. said...

Does that mean you only eat fruit? Don't you need some protein?

You two look very happy together.

Denise said...

ana b. : hihi. i still eat fish and chicken. definitely no pork and beef. Like today, on our breakfast we just had chicken inasal and buttered asparagus and grilled salmon. Yuuuum. But right now am munching on 4 oranges already. And for the rest of the day ill eat, like hourly, but mainly on fruits. It's weird, and i really don't know why. It's not a diet thing though. I guess i need to see a doctor. hihi.

thanks for asking, now i get to assess my self. <3. have a great day!

Alice Point said...

Happy anniversary!:)

You live in a beautiful country! I hope I will visit Philippines someday:)

Have a nice day (in Poland now it is 9 o'clock in the morning;)),


Najeema said...

Thanks for stopping by!

These photos are so sweet. You and hubby are a great looking couple!

Suzanne said...

You and your boyfriend are so sweet together!!

K├Ątrin said...

Pictures are great!And you are cute. I love the nature!!! O_o <3


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