March 5, 2009

Holly Cow! Am i too Yellow?

As of now, it's clear to everyone that am very much in love with yellow. It's the new black actually, at least for me. This dress is a little special cos i (ehem) designed it. hihi. It's not much. I like simple cuts on short dresses, considering that it's almost all year summer here, so i always go for comfort.

yellow 3

yellow 3
yellow 3

yellow 3

yellow 3

yellow 3

yellow 3

yellow 3

yellow 3

yellow 3

yellow 3

I love this darna ring my mom gave me. Very deadly weapon, so nobody dare mess with me. hihi.

Am about to pack now, we're going on a weekend trip with my dear husband. 5th honeymoon in fact. hihi.

Am crazy. Hihi is everywhere on this post. I guess am just happy. Hihi. There i go again. Have a great weekend!!!!!


Cammila said...

Are you kidding me?! I couldn't design a pot-holder! You're one talented girl -- not to mention thoroughly adorable!

proudly says, said...

i love your dress huney. design + the black and yellow.
your husband is doing great in photography.
enjoy your honeymoon.

modern antoinette said...

Wow that design is seriously so cute. You've got talent my dear!!

I hope you have an amazing time with your husband!!


PrincessImp. said...

You look wonderful in yellow and you have such a beautiful smile! Hihi, keep smiling :)

A.n.E said...

thanks for the sweet comments.xx
you'll love it here! except for the wet cold weather! =( the wind is over 100kmph as we speak.
we are in Auckland.

Hippiegirl said...

wow all these pictures are so beautiful and i love your dress!

proudly says, said...

hi hun. thanks for the comment! mr. freddy loves the camera and and blog lover too. lol.

The Clothes Horse said...

Oooh, your dress id sooo darling! No such thing as too much yellow in my opinion.

fhen said...

i like the plaid dress! same here, tropical weather always need comfy clothes, but now is rainy season, so i can stick with the fave jacket somehow hehe

have a reat honeymoon

lovelove <3,

missbroadway said...

m in love with your photos.

The Romantic Apple said...

You are not too yellow. It is just the perfect amount of yellow. OH MY GOD i want your sandals and your ring!

Also, what camera do you use (*geek mode*)?? Your photos are AMAZING!!!

ana b. said...

The dress is magic! I love love love it.

Lori said...

cute photos ;)
have fun on your weekend trip!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

fabulous dress! love the ring too

proudly says, said...

how's the honeymooners?
can't wait to read your new post!

Noelle Chantal said...

so matchy and pretty! your photos are so fun! great pictures as always! ;)

Demi said...

thanks for your lovely comment honey :)
and yes of course i'd love to trade links, I'll add you now!!

I love yellow too, you look amazing! beautiful photos!


Merily said...

i love this ring!

CKUF said...

what a wonderful dress. yellow is a nice color on a sunny day!

HoneyBunny said...

wow! Amazing dress! And you look great in it! You are one talented girl hon! :*

Eve said...

awww thank you!!<333 =^^=
The office is so fun to watch!! Really makes me laugh. I am watching some more episodes right now :)
*high fives*

and u look so pretty!! I have to say my favorite picture is the one with you and the tree! The photography is very very very GOOD!!

Sol said...

This yellow dress looks amazing on you!
And tell your husband that these pictures look insanely cool. The colors are so brilliant!

jukejka said...

lovely dress!

Najeema said...

I like the dress- definitely not too much yellow.


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