May 11, 2009

A little of Me and a Huge amount of Leleng


Just a quick outfit post.
And thank you all so much for all your support and heartfelt messages with my last post. At first it felt so weird for me to pour out something so personal in a blog but you made it so easy and kind, I guess in a blog family no such thing as being too personal to share for we have all lost someone before. Experiences are such great equalizer don't you think?

outfit details
dress: ???
cotton vest: oxygen
necklace: i forgot
earrings: i forgot too
bangle: tiendesitas
shoe: celine


leleng is my mom. Ain't she great? Thank you mom for making it always easy for me and Cyd. Thank you for being so kind and nice and generous and BEAUTIFUL all the time and in every way. I can't imagine life without you. For a 50 years young, you are the BOMB! Happy mother's day! And to all the mom, with or without a baby of their own, this is your day, and you all deserve a raise! by all means, get them! hihi.

have a great day everyone!


Jessie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog =)
Love the colour of your nailpolish!xx

Protege said...

Gorgeous outfit; love the necklace.
Your mom is stunning, I can see where your beauty comes from.

janettaylor said...

Lovely outfit, Honey!


Ur mother looks so nice!


Mode Junkie said...

wow leleng is really the bomb. umaariba! ;) haha
hey condolences.. she is so cute (i have a thing for lolas and lolos)..
love your anecdotes of her.

freeTEYme said...

Cute dress Denise! Happy Monday!

Cristina said...

Wooooow!! your mom is pretty!!! are perfect, as always!!!

All your dresses are beautiful and very original!!

A kiss*

agus said...

Hej Denise :-)
Your mother looks like a model, she is a beautiful woman :-)
I like yor outfit today, the colours are great and the jewellery - excellent!

Eleh said...

what a pretty brown dress! and your mum looks lovely!

vorega badalamenti said...

love your outfittt.. =)
wanna xchange link?

Janelle said...

obviously you got your great sense of style from your mom :) she's beautiful...

Mads said...

Your mom is so fasyon! she doesn't look 50 BTW!


HoneyBunny said...

Cute! Love your necklace<3
And your mum looks great!

Rebecca said...

Lovely outfit!! :) Your mom is very pretty too!

xoxo krisler xoxo said...

no wonder where you got your really do runs in the blood.. =)

Geri Wu said...

lovely outfit!

xx, Geri Maegan said...

oh you both look fabulous!

eveline fashion-diary said...

you have beautifull dress!!
and your mum is like a star!

so beautifull :)

She's Dressing Up said...

You and your mum both look lovely!

Ida said...

you and your mum are both sensational, Denise! amazing style


pinky said...

Mind if I link your blog? I came across it just tonight and I loved it! I love your beautiful, beautiful photos and your clothes. And your stories. I get so lazy writing my own stories in my blog. Anyway, I especially love those entries about you and your hubby. I have a boyfriend now, and I hope to be as happy as you two are after years!:))

Rain said...

Your mum looks amazinng in her gold dress!

Your dress is cute, too. I especially love your necklace :)


FJ said...

You look so young, I can see where you get it from. ;)

Noelle Chantal said...

wow your mom looks beautiful! and she has a good sense of style. mother like daughter! hehe

i like your dress, looks vintage to me. and the brown vest is just perfect for the dress. love the nude shoes too. :)

Marcella said...

Your look is so effortlessly pretty as always! And I can see where you must have gotten your sense of style from!

Am so sorry to hear about the passing of your grandma, may she rest in peace.

Shelly's Style Shop said...

I love your dress! You look beautiful as always. Your mom is so beautiful, too!

I love your jewelry. ;-)

xoxo, Shelly

Eden said...


you look fantastic in that printed dress and nude heels! and oh god, ang cool naman ni leleng?! i wish my mom is half as fashionable:)

and denise, sorry about your inang:( i really am. hope you'll be okay soon.

much love


deep_in_vogue said...

You look fantastic and your mom is super gorgeous!!

xs said...

what a sweet post. that dress is really pretty on you!

Bella said...

So gorgeous... I'm loving everything about this!
Oooh those dark nails are perfect!

And of course, let's swap links... I'm adding you now babe! xxx

clairegrenade said...

wow, sorry for getting back to you so late but holy cow your outfits are FABULOUS!!

so is your mom! she works the gold well!

i have already linked you, deary!


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