May 30, 2009



  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • I don't...but with the history of Corregidor where thousands of Filipinos and Americans died and the Japanese soldiers committed suicide the odds of finally entertaining the idea of ghosts and spirits came full speed ahead especially at the back of my neck while we were at the Malinta tunnel for the famous night activity Ghost hunting. I am not afraid of the dark even when i was a little girl, well am still little up to this day, i mean when i was young, hihihihihi. But being inside the Malinta tunnel, i did feel a lot of "eyes", and curious beings following us around, the funny thing was Kai and i were always....always at the back of the group. I blame myself for being slow and constantly looking back to see what's in the dark. I didn't see anything though, but i definitely felt them. I think they're just happy for the visits they get from the people who recognize them and honor their memories. ...geez i get goosebumps talking about them now.
  • Oh and there goes my sausage legs. hihihihi. This is just prevention from the mosquitoes Kai said there might. But normally and honestly this is not working for me. I love it on girls who has skinny legs. Go ski-leggings!
  • And that is it, the very last outfit of our 3 day stay at Corregidor Island. Please go there and see for yourself, lots of fun activities day and night.
For inquiries please contact Sun Cruises at +63917 527 6350

top : bazaar
leggings : sm
shoe : primadona
bag : thrift
accessories : Quiapo


Mrs.Zeus said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog!!!
I am loving your blog and may I just say you look STUNNING!
Love those gladiator sandals and nope I dont believe in ghosts maybe just a little.

Cheryl said...

Actually, you look good in leggings! Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to wearing them. ;) I do believe in ghosts, ganyan ata pag may dugong Pinoy, hehehe! I love your gray top and the photos are so vivid. Feeling ko nandun din ako sa loob ng tunnel at super lamig tapos biglang tumayo balahibo mo.Yikes! :)

agus said...

I don't believe in ghosts but I do believe you are the queen of shoes!
Yor shoes are great today :-)

seniorita_corazon said...

I don't believe in ghosts too, but I hate darkness;)

che idrees said...

Ms.denise you dont have sausage legs... its perfect! :)
I do believe in ghost cos I saw one back home :S
btw, I love your shoes! xxx

Gal Friday said...

I am not afraid of the dark(in fact, I welcome it's velvety comfort at night), but then I have never had an experience with ghosts(although do believe in ghosts, because of experiences my famly and friends have had).

What an interesting place this tunnel is(so many places in the world I know so little about and it is an enjoyable eye-opener to read blogs like yours) and I can see how you must have felt those "eyes" there.

Gal Friday said...

One more thing--you most certainly do NOT have sausage legs. :-)


Baśka said...

oh, your top os absolutely gorgeous! <33

evelyn said...

i love your outfit! i just got 3 new leggings but now i need some long shirts for them hehe and dont worry, your legs look great! Mines aren't skinny but i'm still wear my leggings! :D yay!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

You look very stylish while ghost hunting. ;-) I am not sure if I would go in a dark tunnel.

Hope you have a good weekend.

xoxo, Shelly

freeteyme said...

love, love, love your shoes! Have a great weekend D!

Mo said...

you have lovely legs :)
i adore your shirt. i too don't believe in ghosts, but the whole atmosphere-though beautiful- must've been a little eerie, no?

Hippiegirl said...

i really like these pictures and your outfit is great :)

Agnes said...

Gorgeous tee! I also love how you paired leggings with these sandals.

Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

what an interesting trip! and i love those leggings with those sandals! great comfy look

Shin said...

I've always been fascinated by ghosts and I believe they're there for a reason. I think you look great in those leggings by the way!! xxoxoxo

proudly says, said...

denise beybeh!
That's so sweet of Kai!
of course, you've to protect your flawless legs.
uh-oh, no, you don't have sausage legs.
don't say that.ok?

and hmmm, i've never seen any ghost and i don't think i believe in ghosts. huh! now, it's evening here i don't want to think about ghosts! lol!

p.s. i appreciate your vote. thanks a lot!

A said...

Hi! I want to link your blog to mine. Hope you can do the same?:) Im starting a lifestyle, fashion, and art blog.

Allison said...

You look fabulous - girl, I am loving your blog. And seriously, you do notttt have sausage legs, I promise! :)
As for ghosts...ahh, I'm just not sure what I think about it all. I get too scared haha, so I tell myself there's no such thing, but deep down, I just don't know :)

Mads said...

Haha Denise I remember when we went there for our field trip in highschool my classmates brought video cameras because we were going ghost hunting too!! Your printed dress is cute, at first I thought they were matte sequins..


Blanquita G said...

i like very much your top!i like this type of visit, when the place have a mysterious history!

Rain said...

Hi Denise,

Sausage legs??? where :P

I do think there could be more after dead...maybe ghosts? Dunno....

Great pics! (as always)


Rebecca Rose said...

We've been there too and I didnt like the tour in Malinta tunnel. It was spooky... It was a huge relief for me when it was over. I cant hardly breathe inside. I was so scared because I knew a lot of people died there. I enjoyed the rest of the tour though. The place is so beautiful and well maintained.

Anyway I like your outfit and u really got an awesome pics.

Take care.

down and out chic said...

what great photography! you are too cute!

Ms. Butterfly said...

I didn't see this post and wanted to put my two cents. Ghosts are real, they are the spirits of people trapped on the earth either because they died a horrible death, early attachments or negative life lived, somehow they remain in the last place before their death. I find it fascinating.


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