May 20, 2009

Checks please

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  • Oh ang landi di ba? hehehhehehhe!
  • Our first day in Corregidor we had our day tour, it was a bit of a rush, so the following day we rented a private vehicle to go over the places husband haven't photographed well. It was a bit crowded. See we're on bus number five. Am kinda loving the tranvia!!!!! Love at first sight actually. Mind you, it was so hot ho hot from 9am to 2 in the afternoon that day! The tour bus offered umbrellas but girls went totally crazy and ballistic over the limited number of it. hihihi.
  • Lets talk about the polo dress. It's a thrift/ukay ukay for only 80php (2$). Right now i do not like to spend too much on fashion, even though i wanted to!!!!! Travel and costly Fashion do not mix well. hihi. Well expensive for me may differ from what's expensive for you, like Guess is so couture for me already. Know what i mean? Since i wanna do it both i have to think of ways to cut back on dressing up. Truthfully am kinda liking the hunt for second hand clothes. It's a bit tricky but once you learned how to bargain and look for that unique pieces, shopping becomes exciting. Actually all my outfits on this trip were all thrift finds and vintage.
  • A shout out to our dear reader Pinky, - thank you so much for reading my blog. Means so much to me. But for some reason i can't access your site. I wanna comment back pa naman, so here it is, thank you so much!
  • This came a bit of a surprise last night. Husband said we'll go to Vigan and Pagudpud this weekend! Wow! I've never been there. I can't get over Corregidor till now and yet here comes another out of town announcement. I love road trips! Especially after so many hours of sitting and your ass becomes numb, i love the feel of it, there's nothing like it! Am just so excited and happy and jumpy right now. So please if you know some place where we can stay there on Vigan and Pagudpud please tell me so. We want the most best reasonable price. Like 100php a night. hahahahaah! please please! The only thing we have right now is a map. hihi!
Have a lovely day ladies and gents! Please enjoy my smiley face and all my silly poses!

outfit details:
dress: thrift/ ukay ukay
shoe: itti , sale 50% off
bag : thrift/ ukay ukay
hat : Corregidor gift shop
accessories: all from mother darling!

shades: fly wear


Protege said...

Lovely set of pictures full of colours and happiness.;) How exciting with another trip.;)
Thank you likewise for your always lovely comments at my place.;)

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see your photos on the day! Very colorful!

Your dress and your sandals .. precious! always!


Janelle said...

i love the first picture. really cute outfit! more please :)

NICOLE said...

i like i like i like!

*Miss Piks* said...

What a beautiful photo!!!

Rain said...

Denise! I love your poses & your bright smile in the sunny weather!


agus said...

I love the sun in your pictures :-)

You are so beautiful and your outfit (especially the hat) is great!

Eve said...

love what u wearing!!
oh i been meaning to tall r u? :)
cuz i am quite short, being 5'1 so i sometimes think i cant pull of some clothes :(

Rebecca said...

That dress is so adorable, and what a good deal! :)

Cammila said...

Looks like a fantastic time! And you clearly have sophisticated thrifting skills (since you look so cute!) :)

HoneyBunny said...

Such lovely pictures! Love your dress<3

Shin said...

Very pretty pictures! I wish I could thrift fabulous finds like you! The trip sounds exciting! I hope you find somewhere you like to stay! xxoxoxo

janettaylor said...

Cute outfit as always...


Ms. Butterfly said...

Your pictures are always gorgeous Denise

Cheche said...

Sister, ang bakla ng pictures mo hahaha :) But you're right, bargain hunting IS fun. I discovered the wonders of ukay from my friend who grew up in Baguio and have been hooked ever since. Here in Oz, there's always eBay :) With a keen eye for unique designs and a bit of luck, second hand stores (and eBay) can be a treasure chest!

Sadly, we've never been to Corregidor, maybe we'll visit when we come back. Been to Vigan and Pagudpud though, check out my travel blog for some tips :)

As always, it's lovely to see your new posts and gorgeous pics! Cheers!

Mads said...

So landi and so cute!! your hat is so cute! thrifting is the best for fashion loving girls on a budget like me..=)


Noelle Chantal said...

haha yes so arte and kikay pose! very you in a nice way! hehe i miss Corregidor and riding at that tranvia! yes, grabe ang init dyan, as in! oh, did you picked some colored stones by the shore? it was so much fun! i still have those stones with me. love your ukay find lady.

and i did go gaga for ukay too! i remember my sister and i went home carrying a SACK full of thrift finds! haha! :)

Eden said...


you are looking incredibly sunny as always! i don't know, visiting your site always leaves me smiling. totally differs from my mood! haha, i love it. your outfit, corregidor, everything cheers me up in this post!

btw, its a very lucky thrift find of yours! and thank you so much for your kind words re haters. don't we hate them back? ehhe.

much love


Cheryl said...


You're so landi and cute at the same time, lol! That ukay dress is so pretty and so perfect with your smile. ;)

Yes, please please go to Vigan and Pagudpud for me.I wanna show El Marido those well-preserved spanish houses in Vigan and I think only your blog and your hubby's excellent photography skills can capture the beauty of Vigan and Pagudpud(nag-demand ba,hehe!)

Anyway,just wanted to tell you that you've been tagged.Hope you can find the time to answer some simple questions.Ciao for now!

Isa said...

I love the pictures and jour outfit :)

Diana said...

Hi Denise!

You are too cute! I love all of your pictures! My fave is the first one.

The Clothes Horse said...

You look adorable! That dress is so fun and bright and the sandals are cute too.

freeteyme said...

Cute dress!!!

jukejka said...

lovely dress!


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