June 7, 2009

Black Sunday

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Black Sunday

Black SundayBlack SundayBlack SundayBlack SundayBlack SundayBlack Sunday

Black SundayBlack SundayBlack SundayBlack Sunday
  • First the answer is NO before you ask anything about me playing piano. No i don't play. It's just so nice to see one so old and polished clean like a mirror that i could not resist to lay my sturdy stranger fingers on them. Now am sad, wish i continued the music lesson my mom insisted 17 years go.
  • Wow, i think this is my first black outfit here. Though i wear black most of the time it just never landed here on my blog. I feel that black possesses me in some weird way that i can't smile. FYI I wear black on my non smiling days, which comes a bit of a surprise. I didn't know that i have a blank face day, which hardly happens. Anyway am gonna post more black here from now on.
  • See the yellow scarf? It's called Abel Iloco or Ilocano. Habing Ilocano, in this case scarves woven by Ilocanos. I am part Ilocano, so am easily charmed by Vigan and the people and the food mostly. I can't believe i shopped like crazy while there. I bought tons of scarves and woven sling bags and rags....yes rags! hihihihii. They're all woven, so colorful and cute. Also bought bottles of vinegar and wine. yes! vinegar. Am still drunk from it now. hihihihi. My lips are numb and has no more color.
  • Vigan is so pretty. Photos to follow soon, I just can't find time to do that. Wish i have 30 hours a day.
dress: Oxygen
shoe: itti
bag : gift from Sally, it's from Malaysia. Oh Hello Sally!!!
earrings : from mom
necklace : from Boracay
bangle : Quiapo

location : Vigan

some people should not be allowed to have pens. It's not cool to write on walls or any place or thing that is not paper. Those ugly stupid writings are blood boiling point for me.


agus said...

You look very smartly in black.
I like your accessories: the bag is great!

Cheche said...

I loooove Vigan! Bagnet and empanada? Yummmmy! And yes, I went wild shopping there also, probably got the Abel Iloco scarves in all colors (sadly, I left them all in the Philippines) and kumot -- yes, kumot! Those plain white Iloco-woven blankets are my favorite :)

Breeahna said...

Very chic! I love the flats in particular :)

Kym said...

1) i want your sandals. hahaha! ;P

2) you always take pics in such beautiful locations!!!

3) i agree..i wish there were more hours in a day... either that or longer weekends! hehe

Baśka said...

this look is perfect for you :) elegant, chic, stylish :)

Cindy Khor said...

that's totally vandalizing. writing nonsense on nice structures just makes me mad too. spoil the background while photographing. the sandals are lovely.

janettaylor said...

What a lovely gladiators!


vicen said...

This "AWARD" is for your blog, you can put in if you want. Congratulations!

View Example: http://fashionfreakwithheart.blogspot.com/

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Denise, was at Cindy's place about to check out noticed your lovely profile pic and busybody over.
Wow, you look sensational in that black designer outfit, and what a fantastic portrait shot of you sitting on that bench.
Never mind those scratched words, it helps in creating an artistic kind of art.

My hobby is portrait photography, I make women beautiful thru my camera lenses, and I can say, thats a beautiful shot of you, as well love your other pics.

You have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart, mabuhay, Lee.

Rebecca Rose said...

I love your whole outfit, its so stylish :) U look beautiful. I cant wait to see more photos from your trip. :)

Take care.

Rain said...

Denise! Allthough you wearing black (nothing wrong with it)you smile always brighten the environment!

I wish my mum put me @ piano lessons when I was little :(


Cheryl said...

Wow you look cool in black! Luv those earrings and those colorful handwoven scarves. Can't wait to see more of your Vigan photos and show them to El Marido.Take care! :)

Marcella said...

You look gorgeous in black Denise, your smile is just as bright as always. Would love to see you in more black outfits!

I wish I never stopped taking piano lessons too.

Protege said...

Beautiful, black is such an elegant colour..;))

Jackie Gloves said...

I love your outfit!

Janelle said...

cute outfit! i wear a lot of black too :)

Sol said...

Corregidor looks fantastic!
loving the all-black outfit, and i don't think black is meant for non-happy days. sometimes i wear black when i wanna feel powerful ahahha.
loving the nail polish color, is it black or blue?

She's Dressing Up said...

Love everything in this outfit, the sandals especially =]
And I agree, graffitti is so horrible!

cherie said...

hi! you look lovely in black and your gladiators looked cute! i wanna go to Vigan tuloy haha. I'm Ilocano too so I can relate with the love for abel iloco fabrics :D Years ago, I went crazy there buying bags and scarves too!

Anonymous said...

where do you buy your bangles in quiapo?:)

Anonymous said...

One of the many places I'd like to visit someday. I'm big about antiques and I particularly love the cobbled stone street of Vigan.

my dad made me attend music class 10 years ago but I chose volleyball over it. regretted that decision til now :(

love this look btw, suits you well!

<3 toni

Mads said...

Denise I'm not used to seeing you wearing black but it suits you! Try the soft curls ung sa mga koreanovela girls haha=) I used to have Piano lessons every Sunday when I was young but I stopped and I don't even know how to read chords.. The only piece I can play na lang ata is Moon river haha

yves said...

hi den'!
Just watching VIGAN around you makes it more plesant & sunny! I miss that place...Alleys of fresh air (not quite literally), history, and unpretentious artsiness!


Janelle said...

quite amazing pictures!

styleburst said...

love the shoesss. and great great photos dear. :)


Anonymous said...

I need those shoes!
Love your blog, thanks for the comment on mine :)


Damsels said...

i love it those are beautiful sandals and i love the chain and everything
We Were Damsels

thanks for stopping by my blog

elena-lu said...

love the places you take us to! you look very chic in black!

ann said...

great pictures ! & i'm kind of with you oon the wearing black thing, except i feel less of in a happier mood when i think i'm wearing too much black. it's weird... so often times i have to match it with a colorful bracelet or shoes or SOMETHING colorful

hanna said...

Vigan IS beautiful! i want to travel around the philippines more :D cute shoes.

phamzy said...

great outfit! no one could ever get wrong with black! those blue toenails and fingernails are fierce!!!!


Meho said...

ohhh those sandals are awesome.. you always have such fun photos <3

Meho xx

MiriamFashion said...

You look very well. Very like for me sie your dress :) wow!

Ms. Butterfly said...

Fantastic, love the bohemian vibe of your dress. Such style :P

Suzanne said...

love your polish!

Maddie said...

i love all of your pictures! you look so free and happy, and your clothes and hair are amazing :)

The Clothes Horse said...

You look super chic here.


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