June 18, 2009

I will Always Be Your Beybeh Daddy

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My late Great Grandma Cela. She was around till i was 23. She lived about a 100. Oh Lola am missing you.


.....and Lolo.


I think i was not in the mood here, mom said i was asking for a balloon but they won't buy me. But look at my dress and shoes ei?



Me and my brother Cyd goofing around ever since. Who knew i had a knack for posing then? hihihi.


...And Daddy.
I love you Daddy. Mommy is so lucky, we're all lucky cos God gave us you. You are born to be a dad, always involved in my life, always right and never short of loving me. Everything about me it's because of you and Mom. Thank you for being the first one to teach me to be happy and smile at all times. From the moment i was born i knew am special cos i received my very first birthday present...you!

Daddy, you will always be my hero.Happy happy Father's day!


janettaylor said...

Beautiful photos! Lovely!


che idrees said...

awwww that's soo sweet denise :)
I am a daddy's girl too...
I envy you cos u still have your baby pics.. I left mine back home :(
Keep smiling!

Love che.xxxx

proudly says, said...

you're not only cute when you were a baby.
look at you now, you're getting prettier everyday.

happy fathers day to your dad!

Mads said...

you've always had a cute smile ever since..=) daddy's girls unite! I wanna make halungkat din my baby pics tuloy..=)


Bella said...

These images definitely brought a smile... they're wonderful! xxx

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

so cute! sweet! priceless!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Denise, wow! You still have these old pics? How wonderful.
You were a real cute baby too, ha ha.
You have fun and keep well, Lee.

Diana said...

i love this!

Venezia Lowis said...

vintage photos! great!
lucky you have much. =D
wanna exchange link?

Shin said...

Awwww...such a sweet post! You are so adorable and you have such a wonderful family! xxoxoxxoxo

melmo said...

oh sooo cute pics! i love it!

M said...

That is incredibly sweet. You form a beautiful family, and I am sure your dad is a lucky guy for having you as well.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful baby photos, there Denise! You just look like your Dad.This is such a sweet post dedicated to him. Happy Father's day to him too, unfortunately mine passed away about 4 years ago and so enjoy the moment while you're still with your Dad.

Eleh said...

aww these are sweet pictures!

Tracey Ellle said...

amazing look.. absolutely amazing.. so sweet

HoneyBunny said...

beautiful photos! you're so sweet! love watching old photos from childhood:)

Eden said...

this is so touching D! happy father's day to YOUR dad. he is really lucky to have such a charming and nice anak like you. love your family posts, because they really are so genuine and heartwarming!:)

much love


elena-lu said...

such a sweet thing to do these are such happy times! so good to see so much love!!

agus said...

You are so sweet :-)

Carina the Blogarina said...

love that lagerfeldt quote in your sidebar!


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