August 8, 2009

I am Handsome, and sooo aware of it - Koffy






I Love You Man

  • I still sleep in my parents room. But it would be great if they let me sleep beside them on the bed. Mom won't let me so i sleep under their bed. It's cozy and cool, especially when the wind is angry i could hide under it. Unless I squeal from time to time they can tell am really nervous. But am a big boy now so i can handle anything.
  • My favorite time of the day is morning, the only time i get to go out, and greet everyone a great morning, especially the sweet lady above. I love her. Anyway my Dad would take me jogging every 5am and later on, my best friend Sandy and I would play around the neighborhood just running around and Sandy following me anywhere i go, and also my Dad, which is so lame cos i never get to see our neighbor's chicken. I got busted once, everybody thought i attacked the chicken, but it's that chicken who attacked me. But who will believe me right? Sometimes having a great body is a curse. Not that am complaining.
  • I am turning 2 this coming October 12. I am so excited. Mom said we will go out have picnic party, i just hope that by then the weather will be fine. The sad part is, am turning two and still no girlfriend.
  • Sometimes it's annoying to hear my parents wish i turn into a baby again. They said they wanna carry me into their arms once more, cos am too big now, even bigger than them. When we play, i get carried away and bruise them on their arms and legs. Dad takes all of them most of the time. When he comes home from work i just get so happy and excited am forgetting how crazy strong i am, but Dad's always playing with me and Mom videotaping us wrestle each other. I hope those videos will never come out. Very embarrassing.
  • Well have a great day everyone. Mommy's sleeping all the time. I hate stormy weather, but Mom on the contrary loves it so much. By the way i am a total Mommy's boy. I love her and dad so much.
these are the baby photos my Mom is talking about. I look cute. i know!


Koffy "d handsome"


janettaylor said...

Oooo, haha he is absolutely handsome! AND ADORABLE DOGGY!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ohh lovely dogs! :D

Protege said...

So cute; life is so much better with pets.;))
Love your photography, you make the best collages.;)

Rconita Maldita said...

koffy is really cute! by the way, i love your blog, your outfits, and the pictures! :)

-- rconita

martine said...

im in LOVE with your boxer!! he has the sweetest face :)

evelyn said...

that was the cutest post about Koffy! it actually felt like he actually wrote it all =D and cute koffy pictures when he was a puppy! awww :)

Cheryl said...

Cute dog... and he can talk too! He's so articulate and photogenic by the way. ;)

Lilo said...

cute dogs! xx

che idrees said...

Oh Koffy is soo cute :)
Advance happy birthday Koffy :)

Much love Che :)


Velo said...

adorable dog! and cute friendship too darling!
he looks happy behind you!

mom & son said...

hi denise!
koffy is so lucky to have you.
he's so cutee.
how old is he now?

♥ fashion chalet said...


thanks for your comment, dear!


Janelle said...

your dog should blog more :) very cute indeed!

Nubiasnonsense said...

Your dogs are so cute. I have a chihuahua and a German Shepard mixed with husky, love them.

Noelle Chantal said...

oh this is really sweet and cute! hi there Koffy! you're very adorable dog! i think you know that already, right? :)

keep up being a very good dog, always obey your parents ok! and please don't be annoyed to them when they want you turn into a baby dog again. you can't blame them, you are so cute! and stay still and sleep under their bed during stormy weather. you'll be fine, it'll go away. :)

cherie said...

hi koffy! you're so cute! and i agree with mommy, you're handsome eh?

Rose said...

Aww so cute. Is Koffy a boxer dog? my boyfriend LOVES boxers :)


Mads said...

awww ang cute!


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