August 10, 2009

Man Can't Live Without a Heart, and You are my Heart

windy green

windy greenwindy greenwindy greenwindy green

windy greenwindy greenwindy greenwindy green

windy greenwindy green

windy green
windy green

  • It's been a rain-and-non-stop-heavy-wind for two weeks now. It's a life sucker, all i do is sleep. But i can't complain. Yesterday the weather's looking fine. Like little pretty colors of a rainbow after a bad storm has appeared. Not really, no rainbow, but yesterday the sun has come out later on the afternoon. And it was pretty.
  • Id like to dedicate this post to our wonderful friend Leonabeybeh, as id like to call her. hihihihi. She once told me, " what else could anyone take against someone who just love unconditionally... there maybe season of shame or disgrace, pero the bottom line is, you just love!". We love you girl. There are so many of us who loves you dearly. In fact much MUCHER.
  • ....and this post also goes out for everyone. To someone who's been confused about so many things in life, to someone who's been lied to, to the clueless and innocent, or just someone who wants something new in their life - new adventure, new passion. To the young and old, may happiness and hope be with us all our lives. To the new moms and mothers of so many years and wonderful kids, to the proud dads, life continues to grow miraculously in this world. Because in the climate of today, I think it would be good for all of us to focus on the positive, the true, the things that really last, on character, humor, commitment, and LOVE, and on the happy memories of those wonderful people we have in our lives.
We can all agree that...
Life is great, sometimes it sucks, the real world sucks, but all in all it's great!

dress: ?
sequined garter belt : ?
shoe : People are people
vest : thrift, 20php. yey!
necklace : solo


Baśka said...

the dress with vest look so stylish!

Ashita Alix said...

Such an amazing post! I am a Proud Filipino! you look beautiful

Protege said...

Beautiful post!
I love the pictures; please tell who is the talented photographer?
Here is wishing you plenty of sunshine!;)

janettaylor said...

Lovely post Honey!


Anonymous said...

good post!

Jowy said...


One Love,

karl kaufman said...

"Life is great, sometimes it sucks, the real world sucks, but all in all it's great..."

Indeed. I just hope it will not rain when I'm outdoors and do not have an umbrella with me :-)

cherie said...

I am so touched by this post. Keep them coming Denise! Your loveliness extends to your photographs and it is a lovely sight indeed.

6roove said...

very pretty dress! i like your look
kisses :)

Ela said...

Lovely post Denise! Always look forward to reading your posts. And those sandals are amazing! Hope you had a great weekend.
p.s. Just saw your last post, Koffy is too cute!

Janelle said...

you always find the most amazing backdrops for your photoshoots... lovely!

Ms. Butterfly said...


Shelly's Style Shop said...

Very beautiful pictures. Great post! We all need to focus on the positive. ;-) It feels good to love.

As always, I love love love your gorgeous outfit!

xoxo, Shelly

nookie said...

I'm a great fan of green but your dress is gorgeous!

Lilee said...

wow, love your style!

H @ Narnia's Closet said...

wow great colors! those pictures are so lovely!

What Was I Thinking? said...

Hi Denise!

You have such a glowing smile, these photos are great.

Thanks for your comment :)
What Was I Thinking?

Shin said...

What a great positive post! You look so pretty in the green dress! No matter what color you wear, you happy personality instantly shines in them! xxoxoxo

Brigadeiro said...

What a gorgeous green dress, great pics!

Oh, and the dog in the previous post is SO gorgeous!

kirstyb said...

That colour green looks awesome on you xoxox

hey jude said...

great photos. And those sandals are 2die4.

btw, are you a filipina? Pure Filipina?

Cheryl said...

Cute green dress and shoes!

This post is so full of positive vibes.It's so heartwarming.

Sometimes it's not life that sucks but it's your attitude toward life that's sucking you down.

Happy thoughts all the way! :)

Atenea said...

i like so much the color of the dress :)!

J. said...

I love the dress! And it looks even better with those shoes!

Dynamite socks said...

Fabulous selection of photo's, i lovee the shoess tho !, they rock and look v.comfy!


Simone said...

you def. wrote this post for mee , i sure did need that . its good inspiration (:

Anonymous said...

The green dress is truly awesome :).

lolit said...

Hi Denise, this post is so wonderful, full of heart. You are a sweet person and a friend, she is lucky to have you,keep it up.thank you for visiting my site.

Shin said...

Thank you for the sweet comment! Yes, I cut my hair after I was sick for a while! I can't wait to get my long hair back though :-) xxoxoxo

Rose said...

Hi Denise
What a lovely post. And your outfit is gorgeous, green suits you really well.
Your posts are always so joyful and make me smile :)


bloo. said...

mm you look awesome !
and soo chic :)


Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

Love this ensemble! Especially those sandals! :)


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I love that green dress on you! Such a pretty color.

Natalie said...

These photos are stunning! And i agree with everyone, the green dress is gorgeous


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