October 28, 2009

The American Dream

American Dream

American Dream

American Dream

American Dream

American Dream

American Dream

American Dream

American Dream

American Dream

American Dream

Scanned from the August 2009 Issue of Preview Magazine Philippines.

Am a lover of color obviously, and right now am obsessed with star and dot prints and anything stripes, and am thinking of buying myself a lipstick. Please help me, am in search for that perfect red lips.
Any suggestion?


Adri said...

I literally want every shoe in this editorial....i love the era they are dressed up in.

Thanks for stopping by at Lovely Fringe
XoXo Adrianna

What Was I Thinking? said...

What a great post, Denise! I love seeing editorials from international mags. The first picture is really cool, I love how she's wearing sneakers with such a propper outfit!


Personally I don't like it this much, it looks like a copy of the Italian style.

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daisychain said...

I like this a lot

Ela said...

I love this editorial. That last skirt is taunting me...I need it :)
I love MAC reds...it's hard to name the colour cause red is a tricky one - the perfect shade all depends on your specific skin tone, try out a few :)

And missy, you are plenty stylish and fashionable - this talk about "half" of me - silly girl, you've got plenty :)

che barcelona said...

I love the scanned photos Denise :)
I love stars, dots and stripes too!
Its fun wearing bright colours!
Red lips? Go and get mac!
mac is really good for lipstick :)
or benefit! Good luck on your search for red lipstick! hihi...

Much love,

Che Barcelona xxxx


mica said...

i love stripes & dots :) & i wish i owned that red skirt with the many buttons in the last pic!

i listened to that song & sang along when i was a young girl too. my mum loves to put on cds with the-oldies-but-the-goodies-songs; so i noe quite a lot of oldies by heart & luv them heaps. songs of the past seem to have so much more meaning than the songs that are blasting away on radios nowadays!

Petitbobun said...

I don't know but Mac is a good brand !
I don't use lipstick anymore but I used to buy Bourjois, a pretty red brown one.

Fashion Chalet said...

What beautiful photographs, so inspirational!! =)


elena-lu said...

these are amazing!! im the one commenting and inviting on flickr fyi but i think you will figure it out cause it says elena lu!!

Winnie said...

Utterly gorgeous!

jack bespoke said...

great mix of prints and patterns, so hard to do but it came out so great here!


Eva Internazionale said...

A suggestion is that you try as many shades as possible. With lipsticks, especially that perfect red one, it's hard to say "this and this is the best" because what works for me might not work for you. Good luck choosing!

riennahera said...

I love Asian fashion magazines. For some reason they seem to suggest that fashion is all about fun.
The editorial is beautiful.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Stunning! The models and ensembles are perfection. I like Clinque lipstick myself.

Uniqua said...

Amazing post ! I love the photos

E said...

I've never seen these and I love them! They channel the obvious American themes, but in a not in-your-face American way. So interesting and unexpected!

michelle_ said...

this is an awesome post .
wonder if the magazine has an online version of it since its only available in phillipines i guess ..

CMA said...

totally in LOVE with your blog
so glad i found it, cant believe it took me so long
but its refreshing, cute, fun, i love it!! keep it up
thanks for your sweet comments as well, ive linked you!

check out my blog @

Ces said...

the pictures look colorful vintage and I like colorful.

6roove said...

i like the striped dresses from 2nd pic and red skirt from the last! they're lovely :)

kiss :)

Rose said...

lovely, i like all the stripes and spots...not too keen on the stars though. Love the bright colours, i think you look great in bright colours because of your lovely dark hair. Looking forward to see if you come up some outfits inspired by this :)


M* said...


yiqin; said...

I love her strong features :)

Damsels said...

hmmm iforget the exacnt lone but revlon has some great shades ..they say it depends on the undertone of your skin color .. also i think colorstay by cover girl has new ones

mel said...

i like asian models so much.the photoshoot is very nice!

Violet said...

love this editoral... the last 3 pictures are goregous

Vi from Cali

Faboulista said...

wow such an amazing editorial. i love every single one of the outfits.
ps. i'm following u with blogloving now too. u can follow with my blogloving as well.

Becca. said...

gorgeous photos!
love the editorial.
thanks for sharing!
i really like your blog, just came across it and i love it :)
would you like to link swap?

Blurbage said...

oh wow, this set of editorials are beautiful! i love the concept and all the colors & patterns! thanks for sharing this with us:) i agree with the comments above, i too enjoy seeing editorials from other countries. thanks again for stopping by my blog:)

M. and O. said...

Thank you for visiting our blog:)
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see ya. xx

Lianne said...

these classic outfits rock my socks! i wonder if i can pull off that look?


Carrie said...

Wow, this is a beautiful editorial. I love the bold, red lipsticks.

Raez said...

oh wow, what a great editorial, these girls are so gorgeous, and i lvoe the clothes;)

xx raez

Kallie said...

amazing amazing pictures, im going to beg my family in manila to send me a copy

Gemma Louise said...

these pictures are beautiful! and great clothes! i want! xx


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