October 22, 2009




  • Maybe I am. Between being an Economist or Environmentalist, I guess, I am the latter. Given that I love second hand shopping/thrifting/Ukay-ukay, that constitutes to recycling right? Other people's junk is treasure for me. And to emphasize that i limit my farting to once a day, I don't spit on the ground, i don't burn things, I guess am doing my part in preserving our planet. hihihii. So if you like shopping on the Mall for brand new stuff, then good for you, Economist. Term Shopaholic is so last season, and it sound slike you have a sickness or something. I think, Economist is politically much correct. Agree? Let's not look at it as spending excessively, cos if we don't shop, millions of people will lose their jobs. So hand in hand it's working for good.
  • So this afternoon we took Koffy walking. And I wore my Blue Willis top i just recently thrifted for 50php(1$). Cool right. Thrifting is really an amazing thing. Truly makes me happy whenever i find stuff I know I would never buy (mainly because they're expensive) outside thrift stores.
Have an amazing day everyone and thanks for reading.

top : thrift
shorts: solo
shoe : Primadona


Sarah said...

Thx you!:)
love your blog!

elena-lu said...

you are too funny! i just chuckled

Charlene Ashley Dy said...

Love the look, gorgeous!

michelle_ said...

love the checked shirt and blue shoes much :) and beautifull scenery btw :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures and your outfit and shoes OMG! =D

Thank you for your recommendation on dark circles, I really appreacite it!

mom & son said...

denise- i adore the whole outfit.'
i love the matchy matchy.
i can't wait to home home para mkapg ukay-ukay.lol!

Kym said...

i seriously admire you and your awesome thrifty finds!!! i love that top btw :)

jaassnnaa said...

i love ittt

clouds of tulle said...

i like your shoes!

Anonymous said...

Wow lovely shoes, love it! ;-)

Protege said...

Absolutely love the sandals!;) xo

Petitbobun said...

I'm between economist and environmentalist.

I don't really like 2nd hand clothes, because I'm afraid to see there'd be a hole or stuff like that. And I like the idea to be the first one to wear it... A bit selfish and not really environmentalist...

But you know, I love the word "shopaholic" because of the famous chick-lit written by Sophie kinsella. But you're right. I didn't think about it like a disease... (indeed, I'm addicted to shopping lol)

Have a nice evening !!

God Made Me fuNky said...

absolutely adore those sandals

CHICMUSE said...



Cheryl said...

Wow, looks like you're going to a safari sa outfit mo.Plaids,yey!

I guess I'm a little bit of both, I segregate the waste in our house and I shop both in thrift stores or sa mall kung may sale. ;)

You're right about spending something to help the economy. Kahit konti basta umiikot ang pera, di ba?

Have a nice day ahead!

mica said...

u look pretty in that blue willis blouse top! great buy :)


Jing Ayuban said...

Hi Ms. Denise!
your post really make sense.
Im more on being environmentalist too!I recycle thru thrifting!hehe.its good thing that people shop specially when they purchase those with expensive brands,kasi if they dont shop, wala tayong ma-ukay.haha

The farting part is so funny din.haha

p.s. bakit kahit anong background e napapaganda mo Ms. Denise?kudos to both of you!lovely pictures! as always!

toxic disco boy said...

that shorts look amazing on you. and yeah, environmentalist din ako. ukay ftw! haha.

Winnie said...

You look fantastic. The shirt and those shorts, such a great, casual outfit!

Kristin said...

Vintage has taken on a whole other meaning!

What Was I Thinking? said...

Economist, great word haha

You look so great!

<3 Christine

Sher said...

You are so adorable, you made me smile! Go green!!

Loving your fringed sandals, it's so pretty:)

Ms. Butterfly said...

Hey Denise,

Nice shoes!

Rose said...

I love your shorts, perfect wardrobe staple!
I like thrift shopping and mall shopping, both have advantages :)
gorgeous photos!
Hope you have a great weekend.


daisychain said...

Wow, I love this.
I must say I usually hate fringed sandals, but you've worked them so well, I am reconsidering my stance.

just minty said...

Hi Denise,

Thanks for dropping by and for the tip. I know exactly where the palengke is! Amazing pareho pala kayo ng friend ko na taga Balanga. I hope I get to see you the next time I visit her :)

BTW, I like the whole look. You nailed it. Fringed sandals!!!


janis said...

what a steal on that shirt!!

oooohh i love those shorts a lot.

happy wknd!

Ces said...

that's a simple attire, but you made it look so good. i like that shoes that you are wearing.

i used to have a dog that was my baby but i had to let him go cause i feel sorry for him, he is potty trained and he waits till we walk him before he poop and pee and he was being left alone at the apartment. i know he is in a better situation right now. i still receive pics of him now and i get updated on how he is doing.

Tights Lover said...

Great post. Well done! I love the pics!!

Carrie said...

Denise, you are so sweet. Thank you for dropping by again and leaving a comment. Your husband takes amazing pictures of you. Before buying my camera, I use to shoot with a friend's D40 and I really enjoyed it. It's a good camera. Very similar to the D60. If you do update, I would suggest going up to a D90 because the 40 and 60 are so similar. I think you'd be happy with the results.

You look good in everything you wear and you always photograph so well. I esp like your shoes in this outfit. And good on you for buying second hand and thrift clothing. I think that's being very environmentally friendly. I hope you have a good weekend, Denise.

Ela said...

Oh I love thrifting! S hates when I do cause he thinks it's garbage, LOL.
Love the details on your shorts and those shoes are soooo cute!

Happy weekend, D!

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is amazing - love the shoes !

Savvy Gal said...

what a lovley environmentalist. : )have a wonderful weekend.

Rosie Unknown said...

I very much love this outfit!

Delighted Nerd said...

love your style and the shoes you have.
great blog
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