October 24, 2009

Take A Bow






  • Last outfit for this week. Wore this yesterday for coffee date with husband. Drove around first to take a photo of this bow-y outfit. Well, I almost forgot about this dress. I bought this last April, on the heat summer, and got kept on the back of the closet. I almost feel sorry for her. Not that i favor my thrift finds more, it's just that i forgot about her. hihihhii. If only she can talk, am gonna hear a lot of bitch talking perhaps. hihiiihihhi.
  • wow it's getting cold here now. I like cold weather. Am currently resurrecting my jackets and knit vest i thrifted last summer. Funny, buying jacket, boleros and vest on summer.
Have a great weekend everyone!

dress: Lhasa
bow belt: custom made
shoe: Mendrez
Clutch: buntal from Quiapo
jewelries: all from mom

the jewelries am wearing were from my Mother. She gave it to me to be worn with my wedding dress. The happiest day of my life. So happy nervous, i was close to peeing my dress. But i didn't pee the whole day, just thinking about how to sit on the bowl makes me more nervous. Amazing right? You see, i don't buy jewelries. I just waited every year for my mom's hand me downs. Don't we all love our Mothers for all the beautiful things they pass on us?


mica said...

you look so pretty in that wedding dress & ur mum's jewelries are gorgeous! ur mum must love u alot :D

P.S. coffee date with hubby sounds romantic... i heart coffee moments!


evelyn said...

cute dress! ^_^

pinky said...

Hey dear, the bow is lovely. You look lovely:))

BTW, I'm not sure if I answered your question already from way back. I live in Tagaytay, so yes, I'm doing my thirft-shopping here:))

Lee said...

what a beautiful bride! and yup, hand me downs from mommy are the best!

loving the bow on the blue dress. the color is so vibrant! love it :)


Carrie said...

Your dress is truly beautiful and the colour is absolutely beautiful on you! And the yellow shoes really compliments the blue. - I love jewelry, and my sister buys me jewelry all the time and I love her for it. I also like it when my mom gives me some of her jewelry. You look gorgeous in your wedding dress, and your jewelry pieces are lovely.

Rose said...

I love your dress!! It looks so gorgeous on you with your lovely dark hair. The big bow is stunning.
And WOW you looked just amazing on your wedding day, and that boquet of flowers is so pretty.


Blurbage said...

i love ur dress! i also love how u paired it with the contrasting mustard shoes:) ur wed pics are beautiful, too:)

jaassnnaa said...

sweet wedding dress,i /m so glad for you...good luck

Protege said...

Beautiful wedding pictures; also I love the blue dress, particularly the colour.
I agree; the best jewelry is the one that have a story to go with it.;)

janettaylor said...


P.S. - my today outfit is 'take a bow" too. LOL!


God Made Me fuNky said...

great dress and shoes....you looked lovely in ur wedding dress....precious pretty

yiqin; said...

Sucha well put together outfit! I love the bow & the awesome colors.


Hi there, thanks a lot for commenting back! Today there will be more pictures of Jimmy Choo vs. H&M, so stay tuned, hope to see you there! ;)
By the way, your post is awesome, love the pictures! ^^

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Anonymous said...

I love the dress and the shoes and the clucth - the whole outfit is amazing !

Nubiasnonsense said...

I love the color of your dress and the bow, Look awesome!

Winnie said...

First of all, you look STUNNING in that blue dress. Secondly, I am so pleased that you posted some wedding pictures up, you look so beautiful on your special day. I love how you've managed to wear that pretty piece of jewellery in the day too!

Petitbobun said...

You look amazing and beautiful in this wedding dress !

michelle_ said...

i saw the extra pics of the wedding . they are truly gorgeous pictures dear..
congrats on the wedding by the way . haha..

and love the way you mixed blue and yellow together . they are very good complimentary colors

Che Barcelona said...

Hi Denise,

I just realised that you had a haircut ;)
So slow talaga ako lately! haha!
Hope you're okay.. btw, pa add nmn ako sa blog roll mo please :)
maraming salamat po!

Much love,

Che :)


daisychain said...

wow wow wow,
that blue dress <3

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toxic disco boy said...

that's a really cute dress! the bow added the oomph factor. iLovette!


Mode Junkie said...

hey gandara! :) who doesn't love bows, right? love that you always mix colors. soo brave. go girl!

click here to visit me at mode junkie!

Ces said...

did you design that bow? Love it. I wanna have different colors of it lol. I love the jewelries you are wearing too.

Did you watch the movie 27 dresses? It was funny how the wedding planner is helping the brides to pee. E kung magdiaper nalang kaya haha.


Loove the dress! How was your weekend? Thanks for stopping by on Maison Chaplin, come back ;)

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ana b. said...

Such pretty colours in your outfit, Denise! I love it. The bow especially.

Damsels said...

wow that jewelry is amazing !!!i love your blue dress with the perfect bow and the colorful heels were a great unexpected add to your look

Elaine said...

Love the color of that dress! and that bow belt is amazing! I'm so jealous of your wedding jewelry! Soooo pretty!


Shelly's Style Shop said...

That dress is beautiful and you look beautiful in it. ;-) I really love the colors. Great shoes that you picked to wear with it, too.

Your jewelry is A-MAZING! Love it! I hope you have a GREAT WEEK!

xoxo, Shelly

jaassnnaa said...

thx for comment youre also beautiful...:S

Sweet Things said...

wow, i love those wedding photos.u look amazing!

this blue dress is soo cute

Talisa said...

Soo beautiful.I love the colour of that dress:)

Ashley said...

Lovely bow belt!


Cheryl said...

Lovely color. They say electric blue is in daw. So IN na IN yan.

In fairness, ang ganda ng jewelry ni mommy. Bagay na bagay sa yo kaya tanggap lang ng tanggap. Mas sweeter kung bigay lalo na kung galing kay mommy.;)

clouds of tulle said...

The bow belt is really cute!

You looked really pretty on your wedding day too. :)

cherie said...

Lovely bow! It's so chanel-ish hihi. And coffee date with the hubby is so romantic naman, im so inggit :D have a great day!


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