February 13, 2010

All Hail McQueen





Black for Mr. McQueen


I may not know fashion, but i love Alexander McQueen.
My heart goes out to him, his loved ones and his legacy.
We will surely never forget his fabulous Armadillo heels.
Because of that the world will never be the same.
And we're all just sad.

We've lost a great visionary genius but heaven's got a new angel.
RIP Lee McQueen.

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Kookie B. said...

lovely dress. and those shoes...i covet! i might get me that pair.

by the way, what's the lens that your husband is using? the photos are so sharp!

do you still edit the colors?

Leah said...

Denise, ang dami mo na heart necklaces ah. Iba-iba colors. I love the dress. Fabulous!

Happy Valentine's day sweetie! xoxo

Rebecca Rose said...

~ it was tragic! :-( RIP McQueen!


Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

those hearts are really a countdown to valentine's day! :D

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Jessica said...

he's one of the best and it's a shock to the fashion world.. :(

Nathalie said...

The heart necklaces you're wearing is so WONDERFULL!

Protege said...

It is very sad indeed...
Beautiful pictures of you and the necklace is the same one as the red one you featured in your giveaway.;))
Happy Valentines Day to you,

Naveen said...

black is so beautiful on u

~Raven~ said...

I heard about his death…I’m not too sure who he was to begin with! But that’s no surprise…I always seem to be out of the loop! hee hee

The outfit is great…I love the black dress and the necklace! The blue heart-shaped necklace is perfect for this time of year!

<3 Hope you have a very Happy Valentines Day!! <3

Maggi said...

How very sad! RIP McQueen!

Alice said...

Is it the same necklace you had for Valentine's, only in blue?

RIP Lee McQueen.

Anonymous said...

you look perfect!! love your shoes an dress - top combination!

but will miss mcqueen..he was unique!

janettaylor said...

R.I.P. Sir Alexander McQueen!

♥The newest giveaway by Gemma ends tomorrow.♥

Hurry up!

mom & son said...

Where did you get those heart and blue necklaces? i love it!

Happy Valentines Day, Denise!

Kookie B. said...

what's the lens specifically called? and where did you get it???

i'm using Nikon too. I have yet to learn a lot about the camera. Do ask your husband how he does that white paper technique! i'm curious!


Mom Daughter Style said...

you have so many of that kind of necklace. they are so cute. happy valentine's. RIP Alexander McQueen

Sophie said...

Your outfit is so cute, I love the necklace.

Rest in peace, McQueen. He was truly one of the most creative designers of our time.

What Was I Thinking? said...

It's really too bad about McQueen.

I love the first photo, how romantic!

Camilla said...

thanks for the sweet comment xx


Lianne said...

the world is definitely suffering a great loss. RIP McQueen


JADOIRE said...

RIP McQueen. I heard the news from my friend friday and I really was like: OMG YOU'RE KIDDING, YOU'RE KIDDING RIGHT?!

Mode Junkie said...

wear black more often ate, looks super good on you!


Anonymous said...

the heart necklace suits the day today.

Happy Valentines Day to you!

New blog to follow.

I love it!

Take Care,

cherie said...

it was really sad about Lee McQueen, he's such a talented designer.

btw, loves the heart necklace!

Anonymous said...

thank you for dropping comment on my blog,btw you have a great style love the necklace..so cute :) visit me again.thank you

biotechnology said...

Sweet necklace.

Anonymous said...

Interesting necklace!

Raquel said...

Hi Denise,

I was in Brazil, and I just came back to Boston and to my blog. I miss your blog and pictures.
Lovely necklace :D I was looking your post (Mt.Pinatubo) OMG I felt in love!

Fashion is a Playground said...

Lovely pics !


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