September 7, 2012

Weapon Of Choice

blue heels
blue heels
blue heels
blue heels
blue heels

Whenever I wear pointy heels, I feel brave. I am armed and kinda dangerous. Plus I got 3 months of Taebo and kick boxing exercise under my 30-ish-inch-waist-belt. Even though those sessions were almost 8 years ago I would never, never ever, oh-gawd-nevah forget each and every lesson my muscular, no-neck, gay aerobics instructor in a hot pink leotard all those powerful kicks and killer jabs I can use to protect myself from any attacker. And don't forget the padlock I carry with my key-chain in my purse, my huge knuckles (thanks Dad) and this ring. What do you think this is for really? I know that it's green, it's pretty, it's huge and you should know by now, it's deadly. I am Demi Moore in G.I Jane. I am Uma Thruman in Kill Bill, I am Lisbeth Salander. I am Rufa Mae Quinto in Booba. I am Claudine Barretto vs Ramon Tulfo.  I am gonna fight so girly because I am wearing a dress, but I don't care. Plus I am a great screamer too. So you should feel safe with me. 

You're welcome!

So please tell me, what is your weapon of choice? Let's hear it.   


promding chamimay said...

i likey the dress!!! :-) haha

when i was hooked with pointed shoes lagi akong inaasar ng papa ko na i bring deadly weapon with me... :-)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

hello denise! gawd, i've been too much out of the loop. it's crazy at work. utterly crazy --- which makes me think, maybe my weapon of choice is my sharp tongue because i can get a bit bitchy when stressed and not in the mood. LOL.

♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥


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