November 20, 2012



How's your Christmas shopping going? So far so good? Not good? You're going crazy now? Oh you'll get there...

Me? I am done with my shopping for myself. And looks like I am Christmas shopping for summer. This mama has got to shop for herself first early October and consider that a Christmas shopping in order to shop for everyone else. And that is my strategy. If I am happy, then shopping for the rest of my people will be as happy and good as well. So I ogled at Target's Clearance sale, morning, noon and night and finally narrowed down my picks to these wonderful items that fits my budget and style. Here's the breakdown:


All I want for Christmas are these. And all of these except the sweater from Mossimo were on 70-80% discount final sale. I know, I know, you hate me now because for under 70$ (2,700php) I am taking home two dresses, two skirts, a sweater, a huge colorful purse and a necklace this Christmas : THE happiest season of the year ever. I am doing it in style, it doesn't even hurt.

Anyway, I just wanna say, online shopping works best for me. Especially when I am shopping for clothes. All I have to do is put my trust on the customers reviews. I like that I can see all the choices on my computer screen. I love that I can compare the prices right away and don't get distracted. I miss shopping in a real store, but I don't have the luxury for that since becoming a Mom. Trying on clothes with a kid attached to you isn't exactly like The Sweetest thing dressing room scene. Trust me, it's not. These days, when I peek my head to ask Jayson how I look, it's either He's not there or Yllac is beaming mad at me or Yllac is playing with the curtain. But who wants to try on clothes with the door opening and closing right? Now that I brought it up, it's pretty cool to think that Its been two years since I've been in a fitting room. Hmmmm. Fascinating.

So going back to my question. How's your Christmas shopping going so far? Do you like to shop months early or you like to go with the giddy crowd and shop weeks or days before Christmas? And I am just curious, when was the last time you were in a dressing room?... 


kpmb said...

Hi, how do you ship your Target buys? Do they accept intl credit cards? And do you get taxed? I once bought 2 pairs of pants from a Chinese website and got taxed twice the amount of the pants! Scared me off buying from intl websites!

Denise Lozada said...

@kpmb: my family is coming home for christmas, c",)

i shopped at piperlime two months ago, and they ship directly to Philippines. Hindi naman ako na tax ng mahal.

target don't ship directly here, but you can try some of these services:

hope that helps. You can email them for shipping suggestions so you won't get taxed twice or trice the price. I prefer postal service. It takes time (10-18days)for the package to arrive but they don't go crazy over the tax.

for asia/china online shopping you can ask the seller to specifically label the package as a gift and lower the declared price of the item. It's not very honest but our customs are sharks, so i guess it's okay to play smart too


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