February 26, 2014


A few days ago, we took our kite flying talents for public viewing. Turns out, we have none. Maybe the kite was broken??? Nope! Let's put it this way, we are these drooling idiots thinking kite flying is a piece of cake. Truth is, we've never flown a kite before, both Jayson and me. Are you appalled? So this kite flying adventure is a childhood-dream-come-true for us. A lot of times, when the kite was almost 8 feet high, suddenly it dives back to us, like it's gonna kill us. But we survived. We managed to make it fly for some minutes. I mean, it was fun! All that was needed was some wind, a kite, some energy to run back and forth like headless chickens bumping into each other and of course a lung full of air for all that screaming. No need to pay to play. It's just good, clean fun. 

Have a great Wednesday everybody. What's your plan for today? We're going out again to fly our kite. Wish us luck.

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