February 22, 2014

Souq Waqif In Doha (Part 1)

Hi! How are you my fellow Katipunera! Since we arrived here, my dear darling husband has been in his best tour-guide self and took us to all to the parks, shopping malls and beaches. I loved everything so far...but last Wednesday night, right after Yllac's afternoon play and biking, Jayson dragged our butts off to Souq Waqif. (you can read more about it HERE) Oh boy, Oh boy was I dizzy from all the exciting sensory gallery my brain was trying to absorb. I felt like stoned maaaan! The good kind of high. All natural high. That Souq Waqif is heaven to my soul.  

So here's the portion of the photos we took last Wednesday. Let's soak all in the magic shall we??? 

 Happy weekend !!!


Jen Arellano said...

nagpunta na pala kayo ng Souq Waqip sarap ding magshopping jan, ang mumura..if you like caftan dress that's the perfect place to check, super mura..enjoy!

promding chamimay said...

i cant help but smile with this post.... :-) can really feel the happiness!!! :-) im excited for you Denise!!!


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