February 21, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

I cannot tell you enough how much I am thankful to spend every single day with my two boys. To use the word "lucky" cannot comprehend the gratefulness in my heart whenever i look back at my life since I met Jayson. I've been a lousy wife since I became a mother. I cannot elaborate on that... But I can tell you that I am really striving hard to be a good wife since the day I saw a bunch of Jayson's office shirts all wrinkly sitting at the back of our closet, unironed, that has created a very visible crease even if you're light years away. So i wanna be good. Really really good. I wanna date my husband more. Write to him more. Kiss him more. Hug him ever so often even when there's people around. Remember that spark and spontaneity when you started dating??? It's kind of hard to maintain that once you popped out a kid. The cuteness of your spawn will draw both of your attention towards them and sometimes you forget that you both need attention from each other too.

So last Valentines Day here in Qatar fell on the Family Day, which happens every week, every Friday. Friday is a much celebrated day here in Qatar. Every family goes out with their picnic baskets and spends almost the whole day in the park. They let their children be kids, be silly and play, the adults plopped on the grass, all happy, chattering and sharing a meal. It's a beautiful sight. It inspired me as a mom and wife. It won't be easy but it was an effort. To attempt, i feel like Im slowly getting to where I want to be as a person. I was given one chance to have my own family. So I will work hard for it. I was given the chance as a mother to mold a child's life, to nourish, love and be loved by one man. I only have one family for the rest of my life and i will take care of them.

Sooo...the photos...the photos firing at yah! 


Valentine morning started with this! Cheesy ei? Jayson came home from work that early morning and turned our kitchen to a total Valentines cheese-fest. Our kitchen was spitting love, flowers, chocolates, magazines and a romantic dvd movie - A total teen girl dream coming to life... while me and Yllac was still a drooling and snoring on our pillows. I wuv you husband. I wuv you like nothing else. 

these days i catch myself scratching my head off for thinking how does three hours can pass like that, like it's only been thirty minutes....most especially when three hours are spent on a playground. 

also spotted, a little pink snack cart.

cooling down as we walked more around The Museum of Islamic Art Park. 

hands down the most romantic Valentines dinner of my married life. I fed my husband the whole time. Well, you know the reason. But still! Let's just pretend that it's just me and Jayson since Yllac passed out on the way to dinner. It probably worked for the best coz i got all the food for myself and a few for my husband whenever i remember to feed him. Know that diet rule? That you shouldn't eat anything bigger than your head? I totally broke that rule.  

...aaaand what do you know. Right after dinner my toddler woke up. 

Well, I hope you all had the best Valentines this year. You don't need a boyfriend really. I remember spending three to four years of my life as a single lady alone on Valentines day just watching movies after movies and eating instant yakisoba and it felt good too, while laughing on people stuck in traffic, or those people lining up in restaurants with flowers and huge stuffed animals on their backs. I mean, I just happen to marry a guy so high on cheeseballz every Valentines and learned to love Valentines Day since then. 

Peace ya'll! Until next year. 

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Mrs E said...

You have a beautiful family! Nice to see a wife who truly loves her husband.


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