December 9, 2014

Hustle Bustle...


oh there's the moon!!! (in case you're wondering)

To all the mothers out there who balance work and home, please tell me how you do it. A lot of days I feel like it's a go-go-go-go-go kind of day, with little things I have managed to keep together. The weekend seems to come and go just like that. I remember the first day I took Yllac to school, the same month I got offered a job, thinking how are we gonna do this? Jayson was working on a shifting schedule back then, I will be working too for full 8 hours. Sure! And I was - can i panic now? I was about to burst my brain when suddenly Jayson's boss took him out of shifting schedule and gave him a fine morning schedule for the rest of his life. Oh God hallelujah! we are indeed Jesus' babies here on earth! It was perfect. Easy and breezy. I would drop Yllac to school before 9am, and Jayson would pick him up at 3 in the afternoon. A whole two more hours of dad and son date before they pick me up at 5. This is our life here. The three of us. Go go go, busy and whirlwind. But things are about to change into caaaraaayzeeee territory before the year ends, because....hear this..- we are gonna move again to a new apartment! Yay!


I love our apartment. It is tiny. It is cozy. It only takes 5 steps to go to the kitchen and 3 more steps to the bathroom. I love it because this is our first home here. This is where we started our new life in Qatar. It is more than a home. it is my heart. But we have to keep moving forward. 

I wish I can take more pictures around here before we move. Or have the time to put up the curtain. I guess there was never a time that everything looks perfect for that pinterest worthy shoot. Case in point, Yllac being a kid. 


So, this is the casa Lozada. I mean the floor of casa Lozada, and Yllac's toys, and our tiny white Christmas tree that we bought two months ago as per Yllac's command. I was looking for a good blue pen at that time when Yllac screamed - OHMYGOODNESS, a Christmas tree!!!! So we let him pick our first tree. We are moving before Christmas so we have plenty of time to decorate the tree. I mean, what tree? It's so tiny, you cannot even see it. This is the busiest time of the year for everyone outside the Arab country. Here in Qatar, Christmas is just a regular day. We all have to work on 24th and 25th. I mean, it's just crazy. Now that I think about it. It's the end of the year, so that means Christmas and Yllac's 4th birthday plus the move, PLUS Yllac's transfer to a bigger school come January. It's mind numbing just thinking about it. It's whirlwind. A good kind of busy. It's yet another change - our move to a new place. New location, new route. So much excitement - Yllac's big 4 is coming up. I cannot believe that my baby is not a baby anymore. We plan on bringing cake to his school so he can celebrate with his friends and say goodbye at the same time. Ouch! It is part fear of the unknown - new day to day schedule of balancing school and work for the three of us and all the million things that is swirling around our in our little world. These days I have to constantly remind myself to relax when it's time to relax. To ease those worries that won't likely happen to us.  

But then there are these short freeze frame in my life where Yllac asks us to play with him or when he picks a book he wants us to read come bedtime. Or sometimes he just wants us to listen to him whenever he "reads" us The Princess and the Frog. Time freezes so we can soak in in that moment. Yllac won't be a child forever. He will keep growing. He is busy growing up. So these are the moments id like to enjoy, each pause of our busy life. I mean, we're all busy. Life is busy generally. We'll just have to learn to take a pause, reflect and relax, and take it easy. Then go (again), when it's time to go as life continues to move along in the wonderful crazy way it does. 


..just like I said, take a pause and because we need fuel. 

-the end-

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Bubby's Mummy said...

I'm a working mother of two little boys (3.5 and 1.5 years). I have come to the conclusion that 'balance' is a myth, an unachievable goal. It's setting yourself up for failure. Coping and surviving is what you should aim for. Something always has to give. It might be that your house is not spotless, or you haven't done your nails or you might have to wake up at the crack of dawn to exercise or just have me time or sometimes to do some work. Maybe 'balance' is just being okay with the go go go.

I quite often envy my friends in the Philippines with their maids and their cooks and their yayas. All they really have to worry about is work and spending quality time with the kids (instead of yelling at them for making a mess where you've just finished cleaning while you're cooking dinner which they won't want to eat anyway and make more mess with).

So yeah. I see that your nails are done so you must be handling the go go go just fine. :)


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