March 5, 2015

What Makes Me Terribly Happy...



March. What March? Honestly, December of last year felt like days ago. And recently Jayson, my silly husband, told me how much he misses my blog posts, one morning while we're having breakfast. Well, for somebody who considers himself my number one fan, he finally took notice that I haven't been blogging for a while now. Well, he said, he's been meaning to ask, and just do't want to touch that subject. I opened my mouth hoping for an answer and explanation but nothing came out. I was like, I don't know. I was all defensive really. I went on and on how busy I was and have no time. But after babbling for long It made me sad, considering how much blogging means to me looking back a couple of years ago. Or maybe I have changed. This growing up thing is so strange. I think, last year I grew up on three different times. 

And so the blog went silent for a while,  two apartment-moves later, as I focused on settling into our new life in Qatar,and integrating new routines and places and arranging the bits and pieces of the everyday into a system that worked for our family.  Truth is, It was a much-needed break. Another thing, I missed this space.  I missed this community with all my heart. 

So when Jayson said, I like it when you blogged. Something pinched in my heart. I do miss going here and just pouring a little bit of me. Focus on the good side of things. The beautiful things. On things that makes life so wonderful. Memories and stories that are fun to share. I mean, I have all the photos to back them up. 

So, for my first blog post for 2015, am gonna kick it off with the good stuff. I am doing my best to count all my blessings in life and hope to make a habit of it. I tried to compile a short list of it from last week and hopefully Ill add more to it as days goes by. Here they are...

  1. Qatar's Winter. The cold wind starts to come to this side of the world by October. Although it's humid and scorching in the morning, you can feel the cool winds especially at night. Feels perfect these days. All day picnic on weekends. 
  2. Realizing that what I thought was so hard years ago, didn't turn out to be so hard after all. 
  3. Being able to surprise Jayson on his birthday last January. 
  4. Yllac said he wants to visit his "DEN-TEETHS".
  5. This super soft leather jacket I purchased from a random Pakistan vendor last year for a cheap cheap price. 
  6. Warm paper coming out from copy machine.
  7. Downsizing my shoes. Surrender never felt this good. 
  8. Car ride conversations on the way home. And those "Hi Mama, missed you!"each time my boys pick me up from work. 
  9. Empty laundry basket.
  10. Thursday.
So, what makes you terribly happy?


Bubby's Mummy said...

Yay! You're back! I have missed your blog too.

When my kids play nice and are looking out for each other make me happy. When they want to be with me, like when my little one pulls me up by the hair when I'm lying down because he wants to sit on my lap. Or when my big boy picks flowers from the garden for me and makes me put it behind my ear to make me "look beautiful", even if the flower is a weed.

Oh and shopping still makes me happy!

Marg said...

Missed your blog posts too!!! Looking great, girl! Slimmer and prettier. :-)


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