November 18, 2008

Feel the Blues. A girl's fickle fickle stupid heart.

I am 28 now. Married. Happy.
When i look back on my life 8 years ago, am such a fickle fickle stupid girl. I say that was the lowest point of my life. My relationship with my mother was horrible. At one time i really believed am gonna be living like that forever. Well at some point we all had that episode where we hate our parents and life seems gloomy and we're never gonna find that right person, etcetera etcetera. Stupid i know.

At 20 heart pains are hardcore problems. Simple (not simple to us then) boy conflict can turn any girl's life upside down, everything seems to be hanging on by the thread. River of tears flows like a broken faucet at a mere mention of his name. Hearts broken into million pieces hoping someone, somebody would come pick them up and fix it beautifully again. Perfect!

Innocence in their eyes, hoping something wonderful would happen. Love is just around the corner only if the girl's heart is not so devilishly fickle she wouldn't have broken some boy's heart too.

If i go back in my 20-ish days am gonna ruin my present life now. It will turn up to be boring and intelligently traveled year by year. Imagine life without mistakes. I love my mistakes. And by that ill leave my 20 self be herself, be as crazy as it was. Damn good i did some craziness.








After all, am just a girl, fickle, stupid and crazy.

top: unknown
inner t: penshoppe
pants: bobson
shoe: mario de boro
bangle: bazaar
earrings: from mom


janettaylor said...


Lovely look! :)Especially: top (similar Marni stylish) & bangle...

Have a great weekend!
xoxo: Janet

P.S. : I linked your blog on my blog list...
Check my blog, if you mood! :)

Ess Elsie. said...

omgosh that top is fantastic.


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