November 12, 2009

If Today Was Your Last Day







If today was your last day
And tomorrow was too late
Would you say goodbye to yesterday

And would you call those friends you never see
Reminisce old memories
And forgive your enemies.....

You know it's never too late to shoot for the stars
Regardless of who you are

So another weird dress uh. It's extremely uneven but i find it really cute. Weird and cute. It's good that this boots came very handy, cos i walked like a total cowboy trekking this new beautiful place we scouted yesterday. You know what's cliche, and it really sounds cliche, is that I've changed a lot over the last three or four years. I can't say them all here, but i felt that there are so many things i don't want anymore. Things that are important to me before doesn't matter to me now. Wait, do I sound like a dying woman? I guess am just getting old. hihihi. Did you ever feel like that too?

I guess it's true what they say, old people becomes baby-like again. They laugh at everything, even at a single drop of a needle. No worries, no thoughts about the future. I can't wait to be a full grown baby again.

HAve a great day babies!

dress: thrift 2$
boots: thrift 5$
bag: thrift
necklace: Quiapo


mica said...

i LOVE that song "If today was ur last day"... i'm gonna watch 2012 later with BF and its abt the end of the world too.

what wld i wanna do if it was the last day? Hmm i wld wanna spend every minute of the last day with my family and especially my BF. i'm guessing i'd regret heaps for getting into small arguments with him over the silliest reasons. I'd give him lots of hugs and hope that that'll make up for all the time we wasted.

pinky said...

That pair is such an amazing find!

Jing Ayuban said...

your thrift finds are great! i love that dress. :)

lancelonie said...

Checking your new blog... Awesome, Denise!!!

Stjarna said...

Oh such a great place in this photo!!! LOve this brown dress, perfect for summer ;)

Violet said...

i like those boots girly

Vi from Cali

Protege said...

What a fun dress, I have never seen anything like this before.
Love the way you think, the sentiment of this post is very poignant.

Sher said...

Amazing pictures, I love the big tree and the sky view! You look gorgeous in that dress:)

daisychain said...

what stunning photos,

I really adore your dress.

Juliet said...

I LOVE your pictures!
really fantastic views and amazing moments! I like so much!
and your outfit it's completly perfect!

xxx sweetie!

michelle_ said...

this whole looks reminds me of Yohji Yamamoto's spring 2010 collection . dat assymetrical dress is so similar to Yohji's ! except that his is kinda more deconstructive and all ..

am jealous of ur boots :)

Posh said...

What an amazing shots, nature is so beautiful! <3

Ela said...

Love these photos, D!
And growing old is a blessing, I look forward to it too.
Love the dress!!!

Keith said...

Great photos. You look fantastic. Have a wonderful day. Cheers!

Kallie said...

asymmetry; you do it right. :)

Kym said...

i think we'll always continue to change in one way or another, and its not always a bad thing! :)

love how unique that dress is, you can always make something seemingly weird look amazing!

love the jumping photos too, how fun!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit and great pictures, Denise :) I love the dress.

Where are those lyrics from ??
("If today was your last day
And tomorrow....and so on")
They sound very very familiar.. Like I have heard them in a song or some where..

xtinagirl said...

Loving the whole boho look on you! :) Check out my blog for a gift giveaway!


What Was I Thinking? said...

I like the assymetrical dress, it's so different!

& I forget all the time that I'm only 22, I feel 42 sometimes, ewww.

toxic disco boy said...

love the dress! very yohji yamamoto. taray lang! hehe. as in super like ko. this is my favorite of all your looks. and the boots matched it well. gandara!

Bubu said...

thanksssss!!!!! i love love love your style and your photos too, you are very beauty!!!

You are from Filipinas, ooohhh my godddd!!! I want to go to your country it‘s amazing!!!!


petitbobun said...

You know I think there's still a child in us. Sometimes we act like babies or children and honestly what a relief to be so immature sometimes !
have a nice day !

Carrie said...

Very nice outfit, Denise. I like that this dress is different and unique. It looks lovely on you and your boots are so nice.

Hope you have a nice weekend :)

Maggi said...

I feel that same way! Maybe Toot has brought that out in me more lately, lol.

Anonymous said...

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jaassnnaa said...

i`m sad because of love...i love one boy but i can`t be with him...:(((i love this-if today was your last day... beautiful post as always...<3

Cheryl said...


If today was my last day, I would kiss all my loved ones and say goodbye to them personally. Naks!Napaka-senti naman ang dating.hehe!

Anyway, that dress is so "fasyon". Gusto ko sha and it looks very comfy too! Great pairing with the boots.

Cge, post ka video ni Koffy dito para naman makita namin siya ng live. ;)I like dogs too but afraid lang ako talaga because of a terrible experience that I had with one.

Ayan, nagsulat nobela na naman ako.hahaha!

Take care!

Bella said...

Wow that dress is gorgeous on you! And the cut is beyond stellar. xxx

Winnie said...

I'm so glad you are so happy with life. You look lovely.

Sarah said...

You look great like always;) And this dress is fabulous!

Melmo said...

this dress is just funny. i love it. and these pictures are so wonderful. <3


Ciao, how are you? J'aime your post, thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend!


Fashion Chalet said...

Sleep with your hair in braids or in a really HIGH ponytail, in the morning it will appear fuller. ;)_


elena-lu said...

i wanna live where you live!!

Tights Lover said...

Great post. Love the dress. Your pictures are so nice!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

I love all the pics! You look GREAT! That dress is perfect and cute! ;-)

It's amazing how we all change and want different things in life and what we think is important now won't be in the future. least with some things. ;-)

It would be nice to be a full grown baby again. hihihi

I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend.

xoxo, Shelly

mom & son said...

hi denise.
sorry for not visiting your page for two weeks.
now that i'm back you'll see me around.

denise, i love the dress and the boots.
how's the weather there?

if today was my last day, i will spend all my time with my family and loved ones. i will forgive and say sorry to those whom i hurt their feelings.

Ces said...

that dress looks like it's custom made. It is perfectly matched with the boots. the necklace looks really nice too, and of course you're photos have great quality.

Faridah said...

Beautiful neutral tones. The scenery is incredible! These photographs are a beautiful vision.

AMIT said...

Its beautiful natural types of pictures.


Leigh said...

Such great light with these photos, they are all fantastic and go well with your outfit!!

M* said...

Amazing find!

AMIT said...

Mind Blowing pictures with a lovely background.


Lianne said...

that is one of the most interesting dresses i have seen!!! great find!

CindrellaUnderTheUmbrella said...

amazing photos!!


Leah said...

Gosh Denise...I love that dress. Bilis ko to scroll down to see where you got it. I think I will have my neighborhood mananahi make me a similar one. I really love it. And the way you wore it with boots is just too awesome.


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