November 10, 2009

V for very very very VUSY











Yes I am, and i feel so sorry for not visiting blogs lately. There are so many pressing things right now so the blogging took the back seat on the list of my indulgences in life and my left hand isn't cooperating much. Need to see a doctor soon.


But i have here some scans from the July 2009 issue of Preview magazine Philippines. They're all pretty right. I like white. But i don't wear much white. But i really really like seeing people dressed in white. Looks clean, crisp and polished. So am gonna start thinking now how to wear white the right way. Is there a right way? hihihiihi.

Have a great day ladies, gays and gentlemen!
World Peace!

aaahhhhwoooooh!!!is that a howl?

am sorry, am on a pain killer. hihihii.

i mean wooohooo!


Anonymous said...

Exotic beautiful Philippine women.
These are inspirational. Classic white. Thank you for sharing.
i love those power shoulders on the first photo.

chas said...

oh what happened to your hand? Hope nothing serious.

Is Preview a Philippine magazine?
Never heard of it. Am a get my hands on em.

michelle_ said...

beautiful editorial . im in love with it . now i really wanna get this local magazine in hand . id love to see these editorial personally . i think i could stare at it !

ohh and that girl named martine has a blog did you know that ?
couldnt remember her blog name . bt she's also the face of American Apparel . I'll find out what her blog is . her style is fierce .

Denise said...

Martine Cajucom

check her out.

thanks ladies.

Rose said...

Sorry to hear your not too well! What has happened to your hand?
Love those outfits, that first dress is just amazing. White pretty much goes with anything doesnt it.



You can't go wrong with a white tee

Protege said...

Beautiful images of exotic beauties.;)

pinky said...

Oh, I lovelovelove Preview. And this is my favorite ish. I keep on browsing through this every chance I get:)

Petitbobun said...


Love the photo but I never dare wearing the same outfit ! I'm too casual !

During summer I like wearing white clothes. So cool and so beautiful when I'm tanned. Try it !

PS : Are you ill (cf. story of pain killer) ? Hope you'll be fine soon !

toxic disco boy said...

i always look forward to the best dressed issue. in this ed, i particularly like pam quinones. naloka ako on how she styled a regular men's shirt into Lanvin-esque fashion. genius! kabog! haha. ^^

CC said...

Love the first picture! The dress is so gorgeous. :)

Janelle said...

great styling! i love a good white shirt :)

hope you feel better soon!

mica said...

painkillers? sounds bad... what happened??

i like the 2nd pic! i love how the white top is matched with a white with black stripes pants. makes the model look very self-confident & very career-womany!

janettaylor said...

Beautiful photoshooots!


daisychain said...

what beautiful photos.

feel better <3

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I'm wearing white right now! It's my favorite color besides black. I love all the ladies, especially the one with leather shorts! I hope you're feeling better soon!! xoxoxox

Kym said...

very very VUSY! haha! you're hilarious! these shots are gorgeous! i love white too but don't wear it much because it's almost guaranteed i'll spill something on it or stain it somehow. haha! ;P

Damsels said...

really love the variety of style and trends i see here

Uniqua said...

Amazing editorial !

elena-lu said...

oh wow how im loving all the scans! just really gorgeous and so inspiring! love it!

Mads said...

That issue is one of my faves! never tire of looking at different interpretations of the white shirt.. hope you'll get well soon denise!=)hope it's nothing major..


Yuka said...

i love the first look so much!

Faboulista said...

i love the 5th photo. the whole look is super cool and her statemnet necklace is something i would totally wear.

Kallie said...

i love all your posts.

Ela said...

I just love what Kai Lim is wearing. I want it all. Like NOW!!!

Carrie said...

Wow, this editorial is amazing! The ladies are gorgeous and the outfits are stunning.

AMIT said...

Really nice style pictures.


martine said...

hey thanks for posting this! i've never actually seen the issue, so its really cool to see how other people styled the shirt!


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