November 4, 2009







The best thing about having a blog is receiving emails almost everyday, from different set of people, ages and race. But I don't get that many though. 4 average and 10 max and half of them say that i WON a million dollars on a UK lotto. Barf! I suppose that's the whole point of having a blog, to connect to people. They ask you about almost anything and everything. Most of the time i get my inspiration from them. So am warning you, this post is a bit cheesy. So please bear with me. hihihi. Having said so, a few weeks ago i received an email from a girl, and she's about to get married in 4 months time. In short she's asking for my advice and tips for building a good marriage. Well she's 20 years young. Yeah that young. I was a little surprised cos i am no expert to give out such advice, having failed in so many relationships in the past. Well come to think of it. Thank God they all failed, or am having a husband now and four other boyfriends simultaneously right? There's goodness in failure after all. hihihi.

Anyway going back, am really flattered, cos husband and I were only married for 18 months now. So It's extremely short time compared to those who are married for years and years. But I answered as best as i could, based on our four years together.

Well, like any other couple, we did not agree on everything, of course. But we never really argued. And ,I thank God, I just got lucky. I don't ever remember once sitting down and mapping out a blueprint. It just became "we", instead of "I" very naturally and easily. And you live as you never have before, despite problems, separations, and conflicts. I suppose mainly you have to be willing to want to give.

It's not always 50-50. Sometimes one partner gives 80%. But then sometimes the other one does, so it all evens out after all. It's not always easy. I think it boils down to being willing to try to understand, to give of yourself, to be supportive. And above all else you must be sure that the person you're about to marry, is the only one you would want to spend the rest of your forever and ever and ever with. Wooooohoohooo. Did that scare you? hihihii.

And of course L O V E. Married or not, when two people really love each other, they help each other stay alive and grow beautifully together. I can't remember what my life was like before, and I can't imagine not being with Jayson.

So i wish you good, happy life ahead. And if all else fail, please don't sue me. hihihhi.

Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you all for reading.

romper: Oxygen
Jacket: Thrift
shoes: Mendrez
necklaces: Quiapo
bag: thrift
Earrings: Mags
Ring: from mom



What a lovely post!!

Jing Ayuban said...

love is in the air. pg ako mgpapakasal i'll ask advice din from you 'coz i can see that you have a happy and fun marriage. you look so in love and contented.=)cheers!

lovely outfit!:D

Jing Ayuban said...

i love the bag!!!ganda!

Petitbobun said...

Nice post !

Jing Ayuban's right : you look so happy with your husband ! You seem to make a very good mariage !

And it's so right to write that living in couple is about love, but sharing and being supportive. All is not white or black... but often grey...

The more important thing is to be happy with your soul mate.

Protege said...

What an incredible wise post from someone so young.;)You have the mind and the views of an experienced woman.;)
Lovely pictures as always.;)

Shibby said...

This is a lovely happy post thanks for sharing :)

Sweet Things said...

great photos


michelle_ said...

love your printed jacket with the yellow strap sandals !! very bright outfit !

Noelle V. Dotillos said...

Marriage is something that I am truly excited about, but it is not one of my priorities right now. I love looking at happy couples and it makes me happier when I see Lolo and Lola going out on a date. Haaaay! Someday. Hahahaha! :D

I am so happy for you, and I wish you and your family more happiness and love. ;)

And before I forget, I really love your outfits. A really goooooood photographer doesn't hurt, too! *wink wink. Haaahaa! :D

Have a great night, Denise! ;)

cherie said...

Someday, I wish to have the contentment and happiness you radiate. And it shows through your blog your joie vivre for life and i am so joyful for you. That's why I'm hooked on your blog too!


Carrie said...

Your pictures are always so pretty. I like your outfit, esp your bag. It's really nice. And you're wearing the detailed jacket I really like.

katrina said...

Wow, great pictures!!
i love your outfit!

and that's sweet of you, I'm really dissapointed in marrige overall, because even being so young, i've seen them fail so so much. But you wrote about it so beautifully, I enjoyd it! thank you!


Meho said...

Such a cute post, Adorable pictures.
great outfit darling!

Meho xx

Sher said...

Hi Denise,

You look so pretty lying on the grass!

And what a great post this is! Especially you sharing about love and your marriage:) I'm really looking forward to marrying my sweetheart in 2 years time lol!


Maggi said...

Very good advice I think, I felt that way about my husband before we got married, it just felt natural!

I love your necklace!

Janelle said...

awww... i'm so touched by what you said about marriage. i'm also contemplating about it. thanks for the great advice!

and btw, cute outfit! love the shoes!!!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Hey Denise! Thanks for your sweet comment on my post! ;-)

Wow! What beautiful words you wrote in this post.

It's crazy when you do find the one and you don't have to sit down and map out a blueprint. It naturally becomes "we" instead of "I". I, myself, could not imagine my life without my hubby either. ;-)

xoxo, Shelly

Uniqua said...

i love this post :) The background in you pictures are always amazing. I love the nature:) Great outfit :)

Ms. Butterfly said...

Omg that is hilarious. I thought I was the only one receiving these million dollar winnings notifications. lol The worse is some foreigner who needs to transfer money into your account hahaa

Love your Jacket and your sense of style is refreshing.

What Was I Thinking? said...

Denise, what great advice. I agree that relationships are not always 50-50 nor should they be! If you can't rely on your partner or your partner can't rely on you then you may as well be alone, I think.

Another good piece of advice is to remember you're in it for the long haul and you have to speak your mind to make things better, don't let negative thoughts manifest or you'll start resenting your partner!

I love that jacket too miss :)

nookie said...

So,I'm not the only winner here:))
Great post sweetie:)
love your jacket!

Stjarna said...

Love this jacket!!

CMA said...

love the jacket and the little pop of color with the yellow sandal
thanks for sharing darling, love the blog!
and thanks for the sweet comments!

check out my blog @

janettaylor said...

trift bag? AWESOME!


Heini said...

Looking good!


just minty said...

Well said, Denise.

It's so refreshing to see couples like you who radiate all the posistive vibes.


Melmo said...

aww you are so lucky! and so you look in the pics! wonderful;)i admire your romper. and your jayson is a wonderful photographer. i just met a wonderful guy called jayson too :D

The Maldita said...

i super love the jacket denise! stay happy :)

jaassnnaa said...

sweet bag-i like it

Tights Lover said...

That is such a lovely post.

I love the looks so nice there.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

So romantic!! I think having a relationship is hard and we all struggle but love is a beautiful thing to treasure forever! I love your jacket! Your pictures always make me smile! xoxoxxo


Hi, thanks for the comment and sorry for the late response! Your post just woke me up, love it! And if all the lottery e-mails I get everyday were true, i'd be rich right now! Lol
Just to let you know, me and LuisaViaRoma luxury department store of Florence, we have started a contest which may take you to the Paris Fashion Week, as an assistant of its buying team! Check it out now on my blog, you may win! ;)


Britty said...

love love your jacket alot!
the picture looks great

Timeless Fashion... said...

Love your sandals :)

toxic disco boy said...

i love ur jacket! cute print. and the yellow shoes is an interesting choice. looks fresh!

i wish i could say something about "love" kaso walang ako alam! haha.

love, kisses and such! ^^

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Love it! Sounds like you give sound advice, but you failed to mention being a beauty like you!! Love your pictures! C

Emily said...

adooorable outfit!! i especially love your necklace!

Raez said...

lovessss the yellow shoes! great outfit:)

xx raez

E said...

Such stunning photos! I love your jacket so much!

Ces said...

the bag looks new and you look great as always

Anonymous said...

Hey darling. lol. Thanks for sharing this to the world. You're the person here in the blog sphere I feel close too, though afar i know you're a nice girl to talk too. You always return my emails with fun stories and experiences like a big sister i never had. My special day is coming. I am very excited. My blog is coming up soon.

you're always cute and refreshing. You're so happy to look at.


C.Chico said...

i love your jacket!

Posh said...

Great look, really nice blazer!

Nice blog! <3

Rose said...

Aww your so sweet doing this post. Very sweet words. I cant imagine and cant remember being without my bf :)
I love the setting of these photos, and you look gorgeous as usual.


Kallie said...

that was great advice.
you really have the greatest shoes ever!

Savvy Gal said...

oh i really agree with you. somehow over the last year, his place became our place and there were more we than I..... btw, i adore your printed jacket.

yiqin; said...

I am so in love wit that jacket! The sandals too <3

MelRoXx said...

How awesome, Denise!

Mads said...

Love your jacket! haaayyy ako din they always tell me na I won 1 million pounds.. really annoying.. meron pa ko 1 million from western union from Nigeria pa daw! oh well..

Cheryl said...

So true about what you said! To add, learn to accept your partner for what he is and don't forget to say sorry when you're at fault. Yun lang pow.hihi! :)

PS: Love your jacket! ;)

Velire said...

Thanks for droppin by my blog Denise :) with all the blogs you visit from time to time..I appreciate it alot..

Wow she's my age & already getting married? wish her a blessed marriage to come :)

I totally agree with your view on marriage. Its different for couples, I mean there isn't any two alike, there's always a special spark in a couple that sets them apart from others. :) Like you & your husband. The closeness you two share can be seen so vividly in your pics. Ganda kase ang smile, halatang sino nagpapasmile sayo eh :)

BadRomance said...


Louie said...

oh wow i love your taste in fashion :)..what camera are you using btw

Louie said...

waaa same here i got bunch of mails almost everyday that I WON a million dollars.. hahaha

monica w said...

awesome jacket and yuck i hate those stupid lottery spam emails

Ela said...

You look beautiful, Denise!!!
And everything you said about marriage is right. It's all about "we" and "us" - we can't be selfish anymore :) And it's not always 50/50 like you said, sometimes 60/40 or even 51/49 - but that's what compromise is, right? And in the end happiness is about the other person's happiness too. Like with everything else, you have to work at it to make it great. It's not always perfect, but it's accepting and even loving the times when it's imperfect.
All the best to you and Jayson!


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