November 25, 2009

Meet Me In The Sunshine





Fall in love. Get married. Conceive child.
Conceive child. Fall in love. Get married.
Fall in love. Conceived child. Get married...or not.

The choice is endless. Then again, it wasn't something you can pencil in on your monthly calendar and schedule everything right on time. I feel like am falling a bit behind on a particular family duty. Am a late bloomer, am lost with my thoughts all my life, my brain is still under developed, and am still waiting for my boobs to pop out. And there's the time of the month I tend to think of what my life has become. Just like today am looking at my blogs and thinking, Is this relevant? hmmm not so much obviously. But there's this force that pushes me to continuously do this, and the fact that It makes me happy, that alone is the relevance of this blog in my life.

Am sorry. Very hormonal today, and i miss my friends.

Okay moving on. Forgive me with this yellow shoes. I am learning to pack light, so for the last couple of days, all my outfits revolved around this yellow shoes. In fact am torn between black or yellow, but since it's me, i went for yellow. hihihihi. This is so comfortable, I don't feel like walking, am bouncing.

Have a great day everyone!

dress: bayo
shoes: mendrez
bag: thrift



The print on this dress is amazing! I's love it in pencil skirt form for work! :)

I see you've just passed 100 posts! Nice work Denise!

Mode Junkie said...

where to? i think i have been here na. :) don't say sorry about the yellow shoes. they perfectly go well with the dress. :)

ElthonJohn said...

such a positive outfit. love your shoes.
i`m sooo jealous of the weather.

Protege said...

You look stunning and I love your yellow shoes.;)
We all struggle with the big questions in life at times.;) Look at the bright side; we have a lifetime ahead to figure them out.;)
Love seeing Palm trees!

Petitbobun said...

Don't be sorry about wearing your yellow shoes ! I think they're great on you !

And about your questions... It's necessary to think about it sometimes. That makes us go on. And I agree with Protege, look at the bright sight or ahead. Life is full of surprises and we never know which way we will choose.

Have a nice day !

janettaylor said...

Beautiful dress and smile! :-D

If U curious, check out my newer giveaway... ;-)


Faridah said...

Hello sunny skies and beautiful dresses! Love these photos. The print on your dress is such a beautiful bold statement.

fhen said...

love the print in the dress!
yellow gives me cheerful mood :D

jaassnnaa said...

sweet outfit...:D

mom & son said...

cute printed dress and the yellow shoes, denise.
was this at dafort?

p.s i'm so shock about the biggest massacre in
our country. justice for the victims.

mom & son said...

cute printed dress and the yellow shoes, denise.
was this at dafort?

p.s i'm so shock about the biggest massacre in
our country. justice for the victims.

Janelle said...

would love to see what other outfits you came up with, with the awesome yellow shoes of course!

feel better soon, don't let the hormones spoil your vacay:)

Rose said...

ive fallen in love now i want to move out, get married then have the kiddies, doesnt mean thats how it will turn out that way though does it?
Your yellow shoes go perfect with that lovely bright dress. If only we had Starbucks here, we did, but then they closed them all down for some reason :( next best is Gloria Jeans!


Stjarna said...

Yellow is a great colour on you!
And for your hormonal monologue i've to say that sometimes i think the same things! my blog is becoming right too important in my life and maybe i'm leaving out the really important things..
excuse me, hormonal day for me too;

What Was I Thinking? said...

Great photos, I love how your outfit coordinates with that yellow building!!

My love life has been,
Fall in love. Get engaged. Move in. Still engaged. hahaha

Jing Ayuban said...

im so in love with that bag. kanina ko pa xa tinititigan. love it talaga.

lovely pics you have Ms. D!gumaganda ka . :)

daisychain said...

Beautiful dress x

6roove said...

very positive
great heels <3
wow, what a sunny days!


evelyn said...

very very pretty!

clouds of tulle said...

oh you look so cute! love the dress.

Uniqua said...

Beautidul dress ! I love the colors :) All of the pictures are also beautiful :)

I didn't buy anything when I went shopping, I just went to look around:D I need to start buying chritmas presents, too ! I haven't even thought about Christmas presents yet !

English Rose said...

Just live - life will take care of the rest =]

that dress is DIVINE and suits you so much - such a great colour and i adore the pairing with those shoes - another great look =]

thanks for the lovely comment as ever darling

Mouthwash said...

Hey - I'm a late bloomer too. It seems as though ALL of my friends are prepping to walk down the ile, or go into labor, or have 3 kids already. I'm just not there. And, I've been wondering for the last 6 months if I will EVER be.
So, don't be too hard on yourself. You don't have to fit the mold. The only thing that you have to be is yourself.

Speaking of "blooms" Your dress is beautiful!!! Look at how well you pull of yellow and orange! And I love your shoes!

You have a beautiful smile!



Candycane said...

You look gorgeous .. and if you blog makes you (and others like me) happy then so may it continue :D

Have a great day!

CC xXx

Lola said...

LOVE Starbuck's and your dress!!!

rtf :)

Tzoules said...

very nice blog.good work
u are beautiful
greetings from germany

visit&follow me:

mica said...

dont worry abt being a late bloomer cos i certainly am! just take things as they come! :) n ur yellow heels matches so well with the dress, not a problem @ all dear!

u all eat siomai only once a year for new year?? over in singapore it always features on the yumcha menu. i'm not so much a lover of siomai, but BF loves them! :)

P.S. i look like some crazy person in that Wii boxing video! hadnt played that game previously, and was told all i had to do was push my hands forward & box! ha...

Violet said...

dont apologize for the shoes... love all the yellow the dress is so pretty

Vi from Cali

Aurora said...

oh wow I adore your eyes.

nookie said...

love your dress dear!

CMA said...

love the dress darling
totally gorgeous
and the yellow sandals are still my favorite
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

Juliet said...

thanks you honey!:)
I like your sweet dress!
I love your shoes, you know!;)
hey, I always come to your blog but really I don't know anything abou you!
what are you studying for? (or working), where do you exacly live?

I really love your pictures!:)
xoxo darling!

Damsels said...

i would hope someone doesnt have a child then fall in love .. lol

you look great here as welll... i see those yellow sandals work as good as a neutral colored shoe ... it can look good with alot of things ... i need more yellow shoes

Melissa said...

All the yellow makes me smile =) love it!


Emily said...

you seem to have an endless collection of dresses!! i love them all! this look is so happy and sunny :)

kirstyb said...

loving the pattern of that dress x

DEV said...

Fabulous outfit! x

Leah said...

Hi Denise! First time here in your blog. I think I have the same dress but you were able to give the dress more justice. Hahaha! I always wear mine with flipflops.

Fall in love... conceive a child... continue being in love. Does that sound better?

Valencia Lia said...

Gorgeous dress you have again and I love those yellow sandals as well!

You have to go get a maxi dress girl <3 <3

Nathalie said...


thanks for the visit and leaving a comment in my blog!

Yours is really nice, will definitly follow you!

Nice look: love the flower printed dress and yellow sandals, great combo!

Carrie said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress. I love the mix of yellow, white and black. The last two pictures are also very nice.

To answer your question, I take all my pictures on my blog with a dslr camera. I'm really glad you like them :)

atha said...

yellow cheers !!
nice :)

chaoskontrolowany said...

sweet dress! ;))

Ces said...

nice pinted floral yellow dress. nice mall too. did you find starbucks addictive? i did for awhile. i feel the same about blogging for awhile. my blog now is my 3rd. i used to keep blogs just for myself then cancel, now i hope to keep cuter than a button. Fall in love. Get married. Conceive child looks like the best scenario but I guess being happy is the way to go even when faced with a not-so-good scenarios.

Beth said...

Wow you have just brightened up my boring old thursday with your gorgeous yellow dress and flats.
The colour looks amazing on you!
Awesome shots

Raven said...

Your outfit is cute, from your head and all the way down to you toes! And I know what you mean with "that time of the month". You really think a little more around than...or, at least I do!

Sophie said...

You have such gorgeous dresses! I love this one and those shoes are lovely, love the bright colour. xo

Cheryl said...

Yellow is summery, full of life and fun just like you. So it's the perfect choice. :)

I following the fall in love- get married and hopefully conceive step.So far, so good except for the last one but I'm hoping that it'll come. :)

Have a lovely week!

"Docka" Boneca Platinada said...

Hello Denise!!!

Only TODAY I saw your message!

Thanks a lot for your comment, I think you´re the first person to say that my legs are nice! hehe
In Brazil most of the people loves very muscular legs! :)


P.S: I´ll follow you!

Sabrina said...

I like your outfit!you lookcool!i love brith colors

cat said...

yellow is so cool! ;-) xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Maha M said...

the pattern on your dress is amazingg.. and i love the yellow shoes.

I hope you're feeling better sweetheart, just remember we do what we love, if it makes you happy keep on doing it.

Meho xx


This is such an AMAZING outfit!!!! I love the dress, the colors, the bag! Everything!!! Gorgeous girl!

yiqin; said...

Lovely yellow shoes! Goes really well wit the dress.

michelle_ said...

This is an amazing ensemblance !!
And I agree edward really does bring those high school love moments in us !
I can remember those kinds of words boys wud say to cheer up their girls . Hhahaha .

Anyways . I love the bright colors here !
I'm soo prone to greys and black . I sud dress more cheerful like u !

Have a great weekend dear !

valncami said...

wow your blog is so great! i'm so glad i stumbled upon you :) love the dress and cute yellow shoes! the photography is wonderful tooo! i love it <3

wanna follow each other? :)
im following you now :D

come visit our blog! <3
xo, camilla

amy102088 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool

Maddie said...

goodness, i LOVE your clothes! and your pictures look totally professional too, you should be a model :) or come out to Utah and help me find cute clothes!! i'm so fashion-challenged. it makes me happy to read that a person's blog makes them happy :) it totally should. it's like an interactive journal.. stores pictures for you, feelings on certain events from your life.. i'm really glad we have blogs for that reason! and how else can you get to know people from all over the world?? amazing. just like your blog :)

God Made Me fuNky said...

lady! you have a stock of amzingly cute dresses. love this one. so fresh and lively


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