March 20, 2014

Best Part Of My Day...

Yllac loves his bike. He rode it everyday and that made me glad. I'm really really glad because it means brisk walking for me too. I haven't had any form of exercise since I gave birth to him. I've only been in the gym once or twice for the past 3 years, and I don't like it. I felt like rushed, and wanting to go back home. Being away from him worries me that something might happen. So forget about gym. And now that he's attached to his bike anywhere we go, it sort of making me feel good inside. I'm fit. I'm feeling light. Lotsa energy. Zero mood swings. I haven't felt tired the past few weeks even though much of our activities revolves around playgrounds, parks and lots of biking.

This is our favorite park , - The Museum Of Islamic Arts park. It's like an endless road to walk on. You can see the whole city from where you are. Breezy. Lots of shades. 

I know. Must get myself a real shoes.

Speaking of shoes...  that husband of mine. 

Anyway, me and my shoes four years ago.

The end.

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