March 29, 2014

Qatar International Food Festival 2014 Photo Diary...

I must have busted all my marbles last weekend I couldn't get up, couldn't think... I mean, the Qataris know how to throw an awesome food fest. I am very glad Jayson's schedule from work permit us to attend three out of four-hallelujah-days of chow down partaaaay held at Museum of Islamic Arts park. It was one of the most glorious experience of my life. My whole family was nourished to the bones! 

So anyway, the photos, the photos...

Panipuri, an Indian street food. It's a round-crispy-waffer-y balls, but it's empty inside. And then the cook will poke a whole and fill it with boiled potatoes and spices and fill it more with that green liquid goodness. I don't know exactly what's in it, but it's good. It's salty and sour, and crispy and messy to eat. So it's all good for me. Jayson does not like it. But I do. Now we know who will be bringing their instant noodles, if someday we go to India. 

aaaand that's not the end of it.
more photossssss!

I shared a large shawarma with this guy.

Shared a scoop of arabic ice cream with this dude. And oh, Arabic ice cream don't melt easily. Why is that?

and this guy, made bracelets all day long, sitting like that. 

It's always, always, always nice to see a kabayan. 

Right now, I keep dreaming about those three awesome days, where different kinds of cuisine were just a couple of feet from each other. I love love love that weekend. 

But of course, (of course...) our little food fest experience wouldn't be complete without a mini meltdown from this dude.

-the end-

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promding chamimay said...

awesome!!! get yllac his own camera na denise! the one that's shockproof....para you'll get to see what exactly he's seeing when he tries to shoot!!! hehehe im training my paolo to use my cam na kasi sya mismo kumukuha from my bag hehehe


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