March 12, 2014

Outfits - February

polka dot top, denim button downs and pants - thrifted
boots - schutz (75% sale)
bag - zara

I figure this is the best way to share all my oufits with you dear fellas.. Trust me, you'll like it too. I know Ill sound whinny again, but time has been a little too short on me to blog each look. Anyway, my looks lately haven't been OMG-so-HIFASHUN (not that i was before..)...So to save you some valuable clicks, ill just create an ootd photo dump once or twice a month. What do you say my friends??? Are we good? are we good?

ootd of February coming at yah! 

top and pants - thrifted
sandals - gojane
bag - zara
necklace - thanks Abhie

blazer : forever 21
scarf - Sm Department Store
bag: thrifted

all clothes except gojane boots - thrifted

all clothes - thrifted
bag - Michael Kors
shoes - Robinson's Dept Store
necklace - Quiapo

clothes and bag - thrifted
shoes - Robinson's Dept. Store

brown button downs and bag - thrifted 
tee shirt - Artwork
shoes - primadona

top and skirt - thrifted
scarf - Souq Waqif
shoes - mendrez

top and skirt - thrifted
boots - schutz

bag and clothes - thrifted

bucket bag, sweater and pants - thrifted
sandals - Mendrez

aaaand that's all folks. 

1 comment:

Kia Biado said...

Even thrifted clothes will look chic and unique with smart styling. You rocked it! :D

Also a thrift shopper,


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