April 18, 2010

X is the new Black


Do you really know what it means when people say "____ is the new black"? 

I don't. 

So, Wikipedia to the rescue.

So here it is - The colloquialism "X is the new black", is a reference to the latest trend or fad that is considered a wardrobe basic for the duration of the trend, on the basis that black is always fashionable. The phrase has taken on a life of its own as a snowclone, and has been stretched and parodied as a rhetorical device and a cliche.

...and the last sentence is still a mystery to me. 

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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top: Oxygen
skirt: thrift
shoes: Primadona


mom & son said...

Nag ukay-ukay ka na naman.
That skirt reminds me of my black skirt,
pareho ng style. I wore it last week as a dress.

Ang ganda ng Sunset. Lalong na-inlove ako sa
asawa ko. LOL!

CMA said...

love the shoes, so chic!
thanks for sharing as always darling
and thanks for your sweet comments!


Elizabeth said...

gorgeous photos! i absolutly love that skirt! i love the bottom of it ecspecially!


pensandlens said...

I super love the dress....

especially when you pose behind the sun rays....great photos dear!!!!

I am going for you dresses GO!!!!

Take Care
love lots,

Margaret said...

thank you for the super sweet comment, miss :) made my day!
love your skirt!!
looks AMAZING :D xx

Mom Daughter Style said...

what's your secret. lagi kang blooming. ang sexy mo. i love that skirt.

Nathalie Maggiori said...

Did know it :-)
Really nice dress and fabulous heels!
Have a nice Sunday you too!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Beautiful dress and sandals!! They're perfect for warm days! xoxoxoxo

...Iww... said...

I really like the skirt but I'm not sure about the shoes but except them every thing is great ;)


knk said...

beautiful black outfit looks very very cool and lovely

have a gret week end

janettaylor said...

Gorgeous skirt, Denise!

Audrey Allure said...

Stunning outfit, love the all black. And I love how you paired it with white shoes. Beautiful look :)

Kallie said...

that skirt is really pretty, I like that you dressed it down with a tee too :) it looks so beautiful and warm where you are.

yiqin; said...

Awesome shoes <3

nookie said...

I hear it in movies a lot..
love your outfit!

Psyche said...

hahaha! I agree, the last sentence is so "deep." :D

I love the sunset and the outfit! I'd wear that to the beach with that kind of sunset you have there.

Our country's truly beautiful. :)

daisychain said...

Oh I love this outfit so much!

Zuzana said...

I do not know what is the new trend or black (only that forties are the new thirties;), but you look great! Just my style, very eclectic and bohemian, gypsy like;)

Mode Junkie said...

love the details on this black skirt babe! ;) the lace, the leather.. haay. winner na naman! mine is a bore next to this! ;)


Pinay Evey♥ said...

I love the shoes !! :) so adorable... kudos for the sunset picture... good job to ur Hubby!

Leah said...

Alam mo naman how I love black outfits... you look awesome Denise. Thanks for the birthday greeting. xoxo

Sonya said...

I am in love with those shoes!


amoulie said...

awww ! I love your shoes ! :D
Your style is amazing, I hope you inspirate many people :))


pehpot said...

your second photo is really cool.. ang tangkad tangkad mo dun hihi

and yes the last sentence is.. ???

6roove said...

wow, amazing dress and photos!
they give all that beauty of the dress

kisses :)

angge said...

nice!ive been searching themes for my models and this is a hit!
pls do visit my blog.
thanks po!


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