April 2, 2010

Good Friday

good friday

good friday

good friday

good friday

You ever think that life was all about ebb and flow? Some things come to you, and some things taken away. But there are times you feel it's unfair that more and more things are taken away from you and it seem never ending. Then one day it's turns sweet and oh-so-fine, things starting happening and coming for you. One good thing after another. It never stops. Wish it wouldn't stop. 

Well my friend, i wish you're in that sweet place now, even sweeter than before. Life is good. 

D'oh! Like The Simpsons kind-of-good. Been watching since this morning and can't complain. Say keep it coming.  D'oh!

Have a good Friday everyone!

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dress: Lhasa
jacket: thrift
boots: Charles and Keith


lizzie said...

Happy good friday Den ^__^
have a blessed lenten week :-)

Panda said...

Beautiful as per usual!
Panda x

pinky said...

I love this! I like the booties and the color of the dress :) As usual, the photos are stunning!

cat said...

ohh what a nice post...i hope the good things are coming back to me soon! have a great easter weekend!
xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Nathalie Maggiori said...

These shoes are simply breathtaking!

mom & son said...

This is true. Ang buhay na naman parang gulong. But, I love my life right now. I value my life so much. Life is beautiful esp I have my Mr.Freddy.

Darling Denise, ang gaganda palagi ng photos mo. Ang gaganda ng location ng photo shoot mo.

Rose said...

Hope you had a lovely easter friday Denise!
I still cant get over how great those boots are :)


IGetaFever said...

Thanks for the visit! Have a great Friday - love seeing all of your outdoor shots. Gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

nice shoes


Annachiara said...

ohhh you're adorable...you're always woonderfull ^_^

the guilty hyena said...

Lovely outdoor backdrop, I can do with some fresh air :)

...Iww... said...

Your dress have really nice gold color that's why I love it ;)


Kookie B. said...

the gold dress goes well with the shoes! you look great, Denise!!!

advanced happy easter! haha!

The Petite Blogger said...

love the boots!!!!!! cant believe they are from charles and keith! i love that shop coz its quite cheap!!!
great outfit!!! and love the setting! so nice

xoxo jenna

Le Tasché said...

I really agree with your thoughts.
Your boots are gorgeous.!!

Anonymous said...

I really love your shoes....:(

have a wonderful friday...

the dress plus the jacket rocks!!!!

Take Care always my dear!!!


Walk The Sand said...

Those boots are immense. LOVE them.
Happy Good Friday!

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

life indeed is a rollercoaster...
and right now, i'm happy to say that i'm in that good place..*smirk*

as always, love those shoes!
you've made it subtle with the dress...

♥ bags of love giveaway | vanilla ice cream ♥

Mom Daughter Style said...

Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter! You look so good in your golden dress. That shoes is also wow!

The Owl's Closet said...

same to u, denise! beautiful post:) u look great, as always! those booties are great! denise, i tagged u for a bag tag on my blog:) have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Weekend! Oh and please check my giveaway on: Absolutely Fabulous

See you around!

dred said...

you always have the dreamiest locations for your outfit posts. as usual loving this! xx


Kallie said...

what a beautiful dress. these photos look like an editorial in a magazine they are so lovely.

Leah said...

Life is good Denise... and never stop dreaming, hoping and living.

Naiisip ko tuloy ang tanda ko na talaga. Hahaha! Everytime I see you, I can't help but compare our age gap. Gosh, mas bata ka pa sa youngest sister ko.

I really love your shoes. xoxo

heart charlie said...

I completely agree about the ebb and flow of life. I love your pose and wise words :) Those boots in your post are amazing!!! the perfect addition to your simple and chic outfit. Love your style!!

Rowena said...

sa Bataan lang yan? kailangang ipasyal mo ako dyan huh!

janettaylor said...

WOW! Gorgeous outfit as always, Denise. I agree with Leah!

Petitbobun said...

What a great place to take pictures ! It's always gorgeous !

Jing said...

ganda ng dress and the boots!
Happy Easter Ms. D!

Lizz said...

Oooh booties! I admire you for wearing them in this heat, haha. I've been practically living in my Sanuks because shoes make my feet sweat (ew)! Outfit looks great, btw! Happy easter~!

sharonlei said...

Love the booties Denise!! Hope you're having a Happy Easter. :)

Check out my little giveaway if you haven't already.. Ends tomorrow!

xx Love & Aloha

bunnyhead said...

Beautiful pictures!

Srta. Corazon said...

Hi Denis! Once upon a time I was not here. I missed! I changed the blog address. It is now closed. I sent you an invitation:) Greetings and kisses: *

Juliet said...

I always love your posts because you have a lot of style!
I really like your dress with this amazing shoes!!
you look gorgeous with this outfit!

And where is the place? because is beautiful!:)

well darling, I hope that you have a good easter holidays!:)
xxx sweetie!

blackecstasy said...

wahhh!! omg ur ankle boots is so fierce!
and love ur outfit to dear :)
have a great weekend <3
yudia aiiu

Mode Junkie said...

love your booties babe! ;) goes so well with that yellow dress!

ps: no hard feelings about your view on clogs. i get it that not all people like it! ;)


stylestalker said...

love the shoes babe x


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