April 22, 2010

The Tough Go Shopping

floral skirt
floral skirt floral skirt

There are a few theories flailing around, none of them terribly scientific, nonetheless, everyone can agree: about the role of fashion in a dreary economy. Here's the first one, when things are bleak, women tend to wear more black, because it is more muted hue and appropriately "funereal". It is also easy - and in difficult situations, that matters. Or for me it is slimming. Am i right, or am i right? Then there's the opposite notion: dress in white; it will flatter you, light up your face and make you feel virtuous. And the crayola concept (my favorite) is as follows: women who dress in bright colors lift not only their own spirits but those of the people around them. But this one i find very dangerous at the same time.  It can turn heads for all the wrong reasons. Another theory is that fashion is the last thing that should be on the minds of thinking women. Yeah Riiiight! 

And last but not the least, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. Well honestly and personally, when I look good, I feel good, I do good. When i feel a little down I'd like to buy myself something that will cheer me up. Of course I don't want to embrace this idea a hundred percent, but I do believe that feasting your eyes on pretty things when all around you seems so unattractive can be a short-term and effective healing, like say, listening to a good music, watching a feel-good-happy-ending-movie, reading a romance-they-live-happily-ever-after-book, or enjoying a good meal with your friends. The activity may not last for long, but it certainly does the job. 

So what's your recent purchases miladies?

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sheer dress worn as top: thirft
reworked skit : thrift
shoes: Primadona
necklace: Cutetute


Psyche said...

"when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping." --> I totally agree, Denise! This is what I do when I've had a bad or not-so-good day. I dress up, wear heels, go to the mall, bring little cash, and go to high-end shoe stores and feast on shoes and try them on without buying anything. :D

lizzie said...

hay naku den. i used to do that before...thats my stress relief next to food.paano its really tough these days kaya nangunguna talaga ang practicality..babawi ako soon ill shop til i drop hehehehehe ^__^

but i do agree with ur philosophy on when i look good, i feel good..it makes a difference talaga..thats why i love clothes so much hhahaha

i saw ur online shop, most of the clothes that im eyeing for nakareserved na..huhuhuh i want that green mean dress and the yellow version of it sana..naunahan ako huhuhuh

Mode Junkie said...

totally agree with everything! ;)
i recently purchased a vintage isabel marant cardigan. super score!

ps: babe, d ako pumapayat. galing lang ni boyfriend magpicture. haha. i wish nga i lose the three kilos from the pregnancy eh, then im all set. ;)

Annachiara said...

Darling...i always love your outfits...this skirt is favolous...and the necklace too!!! *_* You're gorgeous!!!

Zuzana said...

I agree with you, when I feel good, I look good.;)
For some reason I rarely follow the fashion trends. I have an eclectic bohemian style, and i will wear flaring dresses, flowery patterns, bursting with colours and always over-sized jewelry no matter what others wear.;)

Petitbobun said...

Haha ! Totally right !
I've got a friend who goes shopping when she's stressed or angry. And then, she feels better !
I try not to do that when I feel upset... but sometimes, I can't help myself and buy some pretty stuffs !

stilettostetico said...

I really like the way your blouse's evanescent play of transparency subtly tend to illustrate a certain "bucolic exquisiteness" idea Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

virgo said...

I love your look miss !
Excuse my english "bad", but i'm french !!!héhé
Bud i love very very your style !


My floor is red said...

When I feel down shopping something that make me feeling flow up is always a great solution! This dress stamps a smile!

Women's belts said...

That skirt is lovely!

Orchid said...

Love the cool neck-piece...your blog is fun.Cheers!!!

janettaylor said...

I absolutely agree with U. My last purchase is a Edina Ronay (Hungarian designer) little woolen jacket what reminds me of Dior F/W 10 collection. ;-)

daisychain said...

I so wanna steal your skirt and necklace!

6roove said...

I totally agree! :D bad day? just watch some Internet stores or ebay and make your day :)

great blouse, Denise!

kisses, 6roove

JINX said...

im so glad i've found your blog... your style is amzing...


nookie said...

a dress and a pretty floral blouse:)
love your skirt!

UnoCosa said...

Denise - you are always the queen of color and sunshine ... xx

Tania said...

Beautiful skirt! And it fits the setting wonderfully :)
I agree with you so much, it's all linked!


Yary and Sary said...

love the whole outfit very much girl!
and the necklace is totally amazing..

Panda said...

Such beautiful light! The skirt is really gorgeous though, and i love how you bared it with the dark shirt. Cool! :)
Panda xx

The Owl's Closet said...

denise, i always enjoy reading ur uplifting posts!:) i've been in a rut all week and bloggers like u lifts my spirit a bit due to posts like these. i love it...when the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping! lol!!:D have a great weekend, denise!


Eleanor said...

I love what you are wearing!


toxic disco boy said...

uyyy ganda nung sheer top! super. and the juxtaposition (word of the day) with the florals ay winner na winner.

and yes. i shop when i'm happy, sad, depressed and lahat na ng emotions... basta i shop. hahahahahahaha.

oi, sa fasheen week ha. lez meet. ^^ wala pang schedule pero kukuha na ako ng invites. haha. kapal ng mukha ko eh. ^^

Petra said...

you look soooo cute!! I love the necklace...

Petra x

Lucy said...

I love your skirt and the necklace is just adorable!!

sinandstarlight said...

really neat necklace!

Danielle Barbe said...

i like the crayola concept ;)

Candycane said...

Still love that necklace :D

Have an award for you over on my page!!

Sal xXx

Taj Acosta said...

I agree. and that heart necklace is inane! Your'e the best!! Hoep you have a great weekend doll! xoxo

Prutha said...

that necklace is to die forrrrrrrrrr


follow if u like what u see?

happy day!!


Nina Lacson said...

the necklace! CUTETURE! haha! nice outfit, really! love the way you mixed the dress and the sheer long sleeves top. or they really come together? Hallo! ;)


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