April 21, 2010



Am thinking of spring. Because spring promises new life, new beginning, hope, growth, beauty and adventure. Especially today, marks the budding of a new future for us. 

Am happy. Much happier than those times I've said am happy. Is there a new word for that? 
Spring is so pretty. Don't we all love spring?

....And thank you all so much for such a warm response to The Thriftaholic Shop, - another reason am so happy. Was so nervous setting up one but you made it all so easy and fun. Thank you thriftaholics!

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dress: thrift
accessories: Quiapo
sunnies: YRYS
shoes: Mendrez


janettaylor said...

Such a pretty dress!

virgo said...

Very nice this dress !!!


Rose said...

I love the pattern of your dress. It matches the autumn leaves in that second shot perfectly.
Ive been thinking recently about selling many of my overflowing closet items through my blog too! Im just not quite sure how it would go for me seen as i dont have a fashion blog. Goodluck with it anyhow, im sure your items will go pretty quickly :)


Vinda Sonata said...

the vibe of the shots are really interesting. that dress looks very good on you!

Annachiara said...

wow darling...favolous colours!!!favolous pictures!!!you're WOOOOONDERFULL *_*

Anonymous said...

hi desis..
ur floral dress is so lovely

may i know what camera do u use?


Samantha said...

Gorgeous dress!

My floor is red said...

This is almost the perfect summer dress, love it!
Have a super day my dear!

VintageBELAmour said...

you look pretty :) anyway, the idea with showing all your dresses is great !!!

Gela said...

oh, wow, are most of your pictures taken in Bataan? your photos make me want to move there. seems like such a beautiful place!

also, i want your whole wardrobe. your style is very refreshing!

followed you on Bloglovin. <3


Jing said...

wow 14th dress na.very spring nga ang dress.sana may spring sa pinas no?

ganda nga shades. :)

Rconita said...

stay happy! :)

Anny said...

I love your Dress!!!! super cute!! =) I want one!! =) too bad it is almost winter here in Peru! =(
kisses from Peru! =)

joelle van dyne said...

you look absolutely gorgeous here! the print of that dress is amazing, and i love that you added the bright red necklace to the look. ~joelle

Jen said...

Hey Pretty Girl!! You're looking fabulous again today! The dress looks like it was made for you :-)

Oh, and great new bar at the bottom!! That's pretty cool.

MadsaboutU said...

LOVE all the colors on this ensemble. the accessories are TDF!:)

Jules said...

I love spring! :) And summer!
And your blog!
You have such beautiful pictures with such wonderful colors, and you look pretty...


...Iww... said...

So nice outfit :D and I just love spring ;)

the style spotter said...

cute dress!


Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i love that the dress is floral, loose and can be belted to suit any shape..:D

your 17 dresses really has gone a long way for your denise!

congrats on the opening of your shop!
mine is sorta stagnant cuz i can't let go of my clothes yet so no new items to display..hehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Anonymous said...

spring is a good season, but for us, Brazilians summer it's the season of changes :}
like you earing, so different!

Lianne said...

i love the dress!!!! so summery!


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