November 17, 2011

Life Lately According To iphone

Early morning
With grampa and jollibeeIt's pink.
From where i standThe blond is my mom
Grama and yllacSeems like he grew (again) overnight. And here with grampa looking more like a toddler than a ten month young baby.
From where i stand. Bamboo floorFrom where i stand. River.
Yllac with nannies aka grama and grampaMy brother
Sister in law and goofy broThis guy loves me
He's been looking for me.
A while ago. We're supposed to be taking a nap
Outfit yesterday
Print over print over print over print! It's too much!Sagoo

My whole family is here and I couldn't be MORE happier. I missed them so much, my parents, my younger brother and his wife. I like my life right now where there's plenty of nannies and i get i lot of sleep. I guess it's only fair to say, I feel over-more-than complete. Family + sleep = Perfect.


Lauren said...

So that's why you've been MIA lately! I loooove your heeled loafers. And Yllac gets cuter by the day. :D

when BABI speaks said...

your baby is really cute and cuddly! I wanna pinch his cheeks! :-)


Candycane said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous pictures!!

Sal xXx


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