November 26, 2011


Yllac and me
Yllac, baby eyelashes

Here's my happiness. Right here in my arms. Anywhere I go there he is smiling at me. In the morning, mid day, afternoon, in the evening, in my dreams, basically every minute of the day this tot of mine gave me sense of self worth, the reason to be happy, the icing on the cake on my marriage, and to be faithful to the love of God. He is the embodiment of what my life is all about.

I am thankful I am a mom above everything else. I am thankful Yllac is mine for the rest of my life. I am thankful that he's a happy baby. He sure is more than I could dream of. He's awesome. He's a dynamite. He really is. You should meet him sometime and see what am talking about. But of course I am his mom, his very first and number one fan since birth. And I love him. Bet you already know that. And oh look at his eyelashes! Got to admit I'm kind of jealous..... Oh my! Is that even allowed?

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