November 1, 2011

Yllac's 1st Trick-Or-Treat

For yllac but of course mommy ate it for breakfastBaby on the table
Happy halloween!

photos taken via instagram

Okay, truth is it didn't even come close to that. We spent last night on the road and stopped at Shakey's for dinner and to pee (the real reason) and the happy waiter who seem to be overdosed in prozac said hi and immediately handed Yllac this cookie on a stick. Hopefully next year our boy would be interested in costumes so we could go out as a family, walk around our neighborhood in costumes of course, and scare the shiz out of everyone. Halloween (trick or treating to be exact) isn't big in a place where we live right now so it would be very weird for anyone seeing us in satanic costumes.

Anyway hope you all had a great Halloween.

1 comment:

Myrted said...

Haha, true! :) I guess Bataan has yet to discover the fun in Trick or Treating. :D Cutie patootie Yllac! :D



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