April 8, 2012

Can I Get A Ride With You?

me and the helicopter
thrift dress, boots and bag

What are the odds huh?

Well I think It's totally okay to wear the exact same outfit you wore weeks ago, down to the same tights and boots.

bag, dress and boots: thrift
necklace: SM Accessories
belt: YRYS


sittie rainie limba said...

hi ate den.. matagal ko ng gusto ng ganyang stockings! kyooooooot.. love the boots! as in!

Genesis Paredes-Dawal said...

Was that your ride?!!

mathea said...

halow! Ms.D! tip naman on how to sanitize bags from thrift stores na pwede ding matanggal ang amoy :) ukay bags are irresistible hehehe... tenchuuuuu....

yen said...

Oh weeh! I love the total outfit! It's something new for me. You look good! Wish I had the height to wear a pair of boots. lol! wishful thinking.


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