April 5, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Mug

DIY chalkboard mug

My dear sweet husband makes the best coffee. He make me the best one everyday, and i just love how he ask for a kiss first before giving me my mug. Haay, anyway, since I am not good at making coffee, why not make a cute coffee mug so husband can scribble silly messages on it. I like silly little notes. And I think you like it too right?

If you're interested to know how to make this, continue reading after the jump. (so jump!) silly!

Anyway, i stole this idea from Wit & Whistle. Amazing blog!

DIY chalkboard mug

of course, you'll need mugs, chalkboard paint and brush and masking tape. i used the ordinary chalkboard paint, and asked for a green color. By the way, you can request for a different color.

DIY chalkboard mug

make your mark using masking tape.

DIY chalkboard mug

...and paint. It's okay to do a couple of coats. Make sure you apply the paint lightly first. And let it dry overnight. It's optional if you wanna bake them under the sun.

DIY chalkboard mug
DIY chalkboard mug

Voila! A mug and a writing material in one.

DIY chalkboard mug

I love it. Amazing right? I love coffee even more with these cute love notes. Warms my heart. 

DIY chalkboard mug

Have a great day everyone! Want some Starbucks? 

ps, this morning, Jayson gave me this. He draw like a 5 year old. So cute.


promding chamimay said...

weeeeeeeee! nice idea denise! :-) was thinking of what to give my staff for xmas this year! hehehe or perhaps on their birthdays!!! :-)

Number Two Lover said...

Coolio! An awesome Mother's/Father's Day gift!! Thanks for this <3

Almira :)

roviedear said...

what an awesome idea denise! :D perfect gift for coffee lovers!! :D

GelaNails said...

Fantastic idea, I love it! My hubby is a Texas ice tea drinker, I think I will do this on a nice big cup for him.

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CandyPaintAsia said...

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