April 2, 2012

Life Snapshots Through iphone

Singing in the waterRegine Velasquez in the making.
Fighting sleep. Sleep won, of course.He's so good at hiding. Oh yllac! Love you so so much
Happy mom and dad and one angry fuzzy baby who just cant go on with life without his stroller bar on his hands.He loves tooting his own horn.
One happy mama right here.Boys
He gave me flowers. Am raising a good man here.For only 125php, you'll be the best wife ever in no time!
Good morning fellas! Happy sunday!Taking down all the paper clips grover put up. He's sooo good.
Koffy. Http://denisekatipunera.blogspot.comYllac won't let go of his steering wheel and fell asleep while driving. #worstdriverever!
Leslie the loafers and i went out today. Just us girls.I eat cupcakes for breakfast.

taken via instagram

...having this little family of mine made me believe more that there is someone out there much ( x 100) powerful than all of us,....
someone (i don't see but feel) i completely trust every little thing in our lives...

i grew up in a Born Again Christian home. but it was not until i became a mom and in a place of being tested that I can finally say ... "oh my! I am actually living out what i was thought since i was young and what we've always believed." In my greatest heartaches, I have truly found my faith. And through this faith i no longer see life "that way". Indeed motherhood is a blessing. Both a heart and an eye opener. Faith strengthener (hard as nails!) but all seriousness, I am dead serious. c",) 

Hi you! Happy Monday!!!!


Candycane said...


Sal xXx

Anonymous said...


Imma here from Davao.

i love you more esp with your revelation that you're Born Again! I can relate with all your posts though I am not a mom yet and because of you i want to be a mommy soon.

Wow! Born Again. I knew it from your writing. God bless you Denise and your family.

By the way what church do you attend. Sorry ang haba ng comment ko. na excite lang ako tlaga.

Roxanne said...

this would be one of my favorite post miss D, so inspiring :)


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