April 29, 2012



I had these floral wedges and this purse for months just hiding in my closet. I think they are the prettiest but I had no idea why am finding it so difficult to wear them out till now.

Hi! How are you?

I have been blogging since 2005. I know that doesn't make me an expert but just a mere old fart in the internet and in real life. Am not good at it but it's kind of a huge part of my life and i just realized that blogging is like a muscle that you need constant exercise to get it back in shape. And right now after so many days of cooling off from it, am all flabby and wobbly from over sleeping, but I am working hard to get back my rhythm. You know what they say, it's one of those days. Only for me, that day stayed mostly every single day. But hey, I missed you, that's for sure.

Now this single post feels like a cardio. Am out of words. Will do this again tomorrow.



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