February 21, 2013

Collect Good Memories, Put It In Your Pocket, Save It For A Rainy Day

think about the good stuff

I am terrible at how I let things get to me. Some small terrible things in life, like plans not working out, or that rude lady I unfortunately dealt with recently, or problems. Yes, problems. Don't we all have problems. Some are silly problems, some are based on a real merit. I tend to focus on that small percentage of negativity in my life and forget about all the good and great things that made my life such a great one. I know my life is great. I know that. There are so many blessings I am grateful for. My family is healthy. All the people I love are very much alive, and that for me is a lot to be thankful for. Every single day there are people and instances that put colors in my life. All kinds of happy colors. Like the nice security guard in a pizza chain we go to who plays and guards Yllac from running out while Jayson and I sit and eat. We love him. Our neighbor who always smile at me. And our other neighbor with the rest of the Barangay Tanod who threw rocks at our roof at 1am alerting us about a certain trespassing snake. Seriously, how rude was that snake? Oh, by the way, the snake got arrested the following day. hah! So there you go, I love our Barangay police. They do care, and don't sleep. And whenever we  pay our bills, I think about how many people don’t have access to electricity, water, and to computers, the Internet or even a simple phone to call loved ones.  Don’t ever take your luxuries for granted. Or the person(s) who took the time to write to me saying how much she appreciate this blog and finds comfort and laughter on the stories I share. And believe me, it was a "high" moment for me reading those letters. 

But I am weak at times and I easily let go of my triumphant stuff over unkind critiques or just any kind of negativity. Yes, I am weak, but I am a seeker too. I constantly want to improve my life and my overall happiness as a mother, wife and person. It's hard but hey I am trying. Of course it’s all too easy to pay attention to the problems we have, but just like it says in one of my favorite books,- Don't Sweat The Small Stuff, it’s important not to let small problems turn into big mountains. I love that one, that is my favorite thing I say to myself over and over again. And it is always effective. To be aware of everything around us means considering the presence of both the bad and the good. I know I am terrible at making the good stuff stick at terrible times but I am working very hard towards my goal to be positive by remembering the good moments, the nicest people and strangers,  the kindness and all the blessings that do come my way.

Today, I remember this picture. It was March of 2009, Jayson and I were driving around, i was behind the wheels mind you, and we stopped here to take photos. I remember our shoes got all filthy and filled with ashes. I also remember that it was 3 in the afternoon and it was a hot day. So we both got sunburned and later on that day we got coffee. Now, thinking about it, so much has changed. I also remember, It was a great day.

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