February 6, 2013

January oh January

foot scratch

Hi folks! It was a quiet, fun and seems like a quick January for us the Lozadas. If you're interested I will tell you a story. Brace yourselves, for it will blow your mind. Well, not really. I just wanted to put a little sugar on this blog post. Seriously, our January is real quiet and real blissful. You feel me, I know you do. So, here's some of the things going on with us lately.... 

So here we have Yllac using his foot to scratch his chin. I mean if that isn't some kind of talent for some sort of ...I don't know, - on how-to-scratch-your-chin-ten-ways-using-different-parts-of-your-body-exept-your-hands... 

baby foot

I miss having a baby. A tiny one. Caring for a tinnie tiny one is easy. It is soooo my kind of thing. You have an exact schedule of same activity everyday, the feeding and changing, nap times and snuggles. It is a whole day affair. I know, there's not much challenge to it, but boy oh boy, you go to bed at night as dead as a fried chicken-a-ma-ding-dong and feel you have accomplished a whole lot. Right now I crave for that. I could eat a new born baby right now. Maybe this year it will happen for us or maybe next year or the year after that. Someday.

And I want to especially dedicate the two photos above to my Dad. The "foot" is a family thing passed on to two generations now.   
craft a day
craft a day

I got this Craft A Day from last year. Honestly, there is nothing much to it. If you're a pro crafter this is not for you. But to my level, I love this - that is for someone who can't color inside the line. For this entire book all you need is a scissor and felt papers and whaallaaa, you're an overnight artist.

fave shoes
yllac and daddy
sweet Yllac

So, basically here's what we've been doing as a family since Jayson resigned from his old job three weeks ago. We've been cuddling. A lot. I say, Jayson's resignation is the best thing that's happened to us because we get to spend so much time together and do stuff together whenever, anytime we want. We watch movies after movies. We're like bums, but a totally different kind of bums, more like high achievers-bums. Meaning...We finished watching the ten seasons of Friends. Twice. This week. Probably the hundredth time in total since we got our copies 3 years ago. Two weeks ago we were on a cleaning high. And then a week ago we did nothing. NOTHING! Nothing of importance. No errands. Waking up in the morning not knowing what to do is my kind of adventure. It gives so much possibilities. I like that Jayson, me and Yllac get to make our meals together. We go outside to play and walk. The three of us. We drink all kinds of juice and soda and makes sandwiches. We mess the kitchen more than twice a day. We tidy up. We get dressed. Drive to the nearest playground. Spend an hour hiking up the slides and watch the skater boys  tumble and flirt with their teenage audience. We pause every once in a while to take photos. FUN!!! We count one to ten and sing our Itsy Bitsy Spider and dance to "CHA CHAAAAA, charap mag cha chaaaaa." You following me? And then we give each other kisses and hugs and we tickle and laugh. We stay up late and I read my books. And then when the house is silent i write little silly blog post hoping the internet is forgiving and kind. So far this is the longest and non sense post I've written this year. And here you are still so kind to me.

Have I ever told you that the twos are a whole different kind of level? Yup they are. As a parent it feels very rewarding to come to a stage of having a toddler. But vague. I mean, it's like you're not sure if you're accomplishing something or even anything. Toddlers are on a different kind of timetable. Like, two days ago this little boy loves his mangoes and today he hates them. He explores everything and opens every faucet there is. Even the neighbors faucet. It's fine by me, just have to be real quick. And now it's umbrella everywhere. Because you never know when it will rain inside your house. 
corned beef, corn and egg rice

We are rice people. Say hello to our corn and corned beef rice with eggs.

happy bday daddy
happy bday daddy
daddy's cake

aahhh my birthday boy! So many amazing times. So many more amazing times will be had. LOVEYOU Jayson.

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