January 31, 2013

To The Mom and Dad Of My Birthday Husband

happy birthday Jayson

Dear Mommy Yolly and Daddy Jaime,

33 years ago today you had your third son and you gave him the most beautiful name - Jayson. He is the best gift you have ever given me. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times for having him. Thank you for teaching him the word of God. Thank you for demanding goodness from him when he was still a child. Thank you for expecting great things from him and teaching him the importance of great work because you knew it will bless his future family someday. Thank you for not letting him give up or quit. I want you to know that he has so many of your great traits. He is honest. Boy, i remember that time, many years ago, i tried to convince him to create a little white-lie for me and your son gave me "that look". You raised him well. He can't lie. Sooooo bad at lying. He is like my conscience, my angel. He's got your gentleness, kindness and your resourcefulness. He is very pleasant. Everybody loves him. He has such a vibrant and optimistic personality. He has blessed my life generously and given me so much love, happiness and joy. He always make me laugh. I want you to know that he is a loving husband and a great  father. I thank you for your son, for the life your gave him, for raising him good. He is a grown man now. He isn't your baby boy anymore, well hasn't been for a few years now. It is my job now to take care of him. I get to feed him everyday, hug him, kiss him and sometimes pick out his clothes for him. And i love doing all of that. He is everything to me. He is me. I can't imagine my life without him. I don't care much if some people think that is silly, or unhealthy or crazy. I was made for him as he is for me.

And today I celebrate his wonderful life. Once again thank you for letting me take your son and make him mine to love forever. I love him so so much. 

Love, Denise 

oh happy day!!!

Happy birthday Jayson. 

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