June 5, 2013

On a Monday...

mom and son date

Hi you! Oh well, there's nothing much to report from here other than last Monday we ran out of things to do. Suddenly I remembered my eyebrows. You know, those weird tiny hair on top of your eyes? And mine are sooo neglected. So Yllac and me took off to buy a tweezer and a good hair brush. You know, just the good ol' basic maintenance tool of every "modern" woman. 

mom and son date

Yllac was like, "mom I got this".

We've fallen in a predictable routine each time we're in the mall. And when I say mall, it's our small mall in our small town. A busy 4 flight of floors and sometimes air conditioning is nowhere to be felt. BUt Yllac likes the elevator. The routine goes like this, he reaches for any button, punch it and runs and hides at my back waiting for the door to open. He would then push me inside and him still hiding from my back holding on tight to my legs. Last MOnday was like a new day. Because all routines before that, he couldn't reach for the elevator button. But last Monday his tiny little finger just pushed that button. It was something new to my eye. It was a happy day. And just like that my womb is aching for another baby. Yllac is not a baby anymore.  But what am i gonna do. All babies has got to grow sometimes right? 

mom and son date
mom and son date

we jog in place while waiting for the elevator. Because our mall comes with a lot of hungry mosquito.

My favorite part about this whole growing up thing is Yllac loves to hold hands while walking. It's just the sweetest thing eeeever! We like to walk slow. So romantic. I mean, he didn't rushed me when i picked my tweezers and hair brush. He even picked his own teenie tiny brush and took it to the counter with us. But I did not pay for it. It has two missing bristles, soooo...

mom and son date

LAst Monday Yllac watched this girl jumped and jumped until she banged her face on the screen and it made him smile. Well, at least he did not laugh. He's such a gentleman. So he tried this 40php-per-ten-minutes trampoline to jump a little and crawled till his 40php ran out. On our way home we get to see this girl on the elevator once again and they waved bye bye to each other on our way out. It was like friends for a day. 

...soooo that's our Monday.

On another note, I will talk about my Jayson, my sweet darling Jayson and the book Gone Girl on my next blog post. Have you read it? What do you think of it? Is it stupid or O-M-G-annoying or doooo youuuu loooove it? 

Happy Wednesday folks! What was your Monday like? 

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promding chamimay said...

felt the same way with my pao too denise!! he's such a big boy now... barely 2 and super daldal and super feeling independent.... im just glad im having another baby soon.... like next week soon!!! :D


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