June 26, 2013

1000th Blog Post! HEllo!!!!


...this is how we roll inside the elevator.

For my 1000th blog post I wanted to talk about how our in house mosquitoes drove us out of our home last weekend... Exciting ei?

So it's been raining for the last two weeks. FUN! lemme tell you I am having fun. But last weekend we woke up to a gazillion of partying mosquitoes mostly having the time of their pesky lives on our dinning and kitchen area. Yllac served as their breakfast and they ate my legs for lunch. We were outnumbered. It was like a scene in Piranha 3DD. Yup I happened to watch that two days ago and it scared the shoot out of me. Not really. But Yllac loves it. He thinks those fish and the people are just having a rough play. So, I ran out of ammos aka baygon, but I still have a little left in one of my cans. So we decided to go out and get more. This is waaaaar people! But before all the bloodshed, I massacred three or maybe four of them inside our bedroom. Clean kill. I gassed them to death. So happy. Thrilled! And then we took off. So, how you may ask they got inside our house on the first place? Well, they happen to be so good at hiding inside our laundry. Since it's raining non stop last week, we dry our clothes on the shaded area at the back of our home. Little did we know, that these piranha mosquitoes hide inside our clothes and they unleash their deamoness when they reach inside our home. Brilliant pests! But God made people intelligenter than these goons and BAAAM! - on the eight day, there was Baygon.

So anyhoooo... I took a lot of pictures that day too. What else is new?  Here they are.


endless entertainment for my toddler


jackstones! nope, i did not get him one. he'd eat the stars Im pretty sure


the killers


Yllac checking out the laaadies, and oooh i tried a black pants. Did.Not.Fit.


i am dying with his man-of-steel-hair. This hair is mama-approved!


These days, Mickey Mouse is our third wheel. Goes with us everywhere. Also last weekend, was the cheapest date of my life. I ordered two servings of maki for me and a bowl of sticky rice for Yllac and two glasses of red iced tea for 190 pesos. I mean, small town lifestyle is groovin' the best of my life.

Sooooo, this is my 1000th post. WOW! I am a talker huh? Seriously, I don't know what I'm doing here talking about bits and pieces of my life. Right now, I felt like a totally different person from the person I was when I started this blog. A lot has changed. And what a surprise that you are still here. Thank you for being a huge supporter of this blog all these years. Sometimes I wonder what you really think of me? But I choose not to know. Those are some dangerous territories I am not gonna explore. But you know, I can't choose what people will take from this blog, but I hope you will take with you the spirit and message of finding the joy and fun in life. Life is not perfect. In a perfect world, we're all Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolies. But we're not. I am Denise and you are YOU. Unique. Sometimes life is a big freak, but I choose to look at what I am blessed than seek for what I do not have. It's a lot of work, will power and a lot of self hypnosis to find the joy in my daily life. I guess it's all about positivity. It's difficult but not impossible. c",) Happy Wednesday folks.

Fist pump to 1000th post! yay!


Jen Arellano said...

wow as in 190PHP only and the place looks so nice and "yaman-yamanan" ang look ..hehehe.
next time I visit Bataan I'll ask you where is that place :-)
God bless

whispersofmylife said...

And I'm glad to be a part of your blog too! it takes me to your wonderful place and breathe the fresh air of positivity you impart. And as I said before you are one of a writer! Cheers to most post Denise.=)


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