June 29, 2013

Making A Happy List Makes Me Happy...

  1. Yllac's top-knot. Photo evidence to follow.
  2. Lots of cuddling.
  3. Movie nights.
  4. Give up my need to always be right, give up complaining, give up living my life to other people's expectation. c",) weehee! Give up all the nonsense stuff. yah know what I mean?
  5. Fluffy slippers and Joseph Gordon Levitt. yah know what I mean?
  6. Finding a special treasure at the thrift store. yah know what I mean?
  7. Reading at least 2 chapters of Inferno every night before my whole body completely shut down.
  8. Chicken wings.
  9. Skype.
  10. NAPTIME.
Single parenting can be a slog sometimes. Jayson has been away for almost two months now. TWO MONTHS. I am just happy we are still alive here. But you know me, Im a bit dramatic most times. But you get it right? And then some days start to feel blue, I try my best to see the silver linings of a slugging week. I mean, that's the whole point of a Happy List, to see and appreciate the little things, even when you are exhausted, and home-sick, and your back is killing you from being your toddler's horsy ride -actually that was fun, or sleep deprived - never fun, or up to your lashes in poop - hilarious! 

Happy Weekend folks. I wish you a long fun weekend. 

1 comment:

gladi said...

Two months? My husband's work takes him out of the country for a few weeks at a time. I consider myself the wife of a part-time OFW because of it. I know it's really difficult especially at the end of the day when you're tired and just want someone to take care of the babies for a few moments while you rest. Sa totoo lang, kailangan din naman natin ng pahinga. I hope your husband comes home soon! :)


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