July 31, 2010

Last Skirt

boho skirt
boho skirt
boho skirt
boho skirt

Am on my 5th month now and dressing for two is getting a bit of a challenge. I haven't been shopping for months now. The last time was last Christmas and two dresses from Hong Kong this summer. The challenge dawned on me yesterday and realized i need to shop to accommodate the size and style of the new person living inside me now. At home, I am most comfortable. I just steal my husband's t-shirts and boxers and I can get through the day. But I can't possibly stay home till December. Pregnant woman needs to have an active lifestyle and social life in order to stay healthy and strong. To tell you the truth, too much rest will leave you feeling more tired. Promise.True.Story. Am not complaining and never will I. I just never realized that dressing for two means saying "I have nothing to wear", whenever am staring at my closet full of clothes.

So this is the last of my skirts that can fit me. I might sell the purple skirt soon or more, and visit my seamstress a little later for custom made dresses and skirts that can last throughout my pregnancy. Am excited and thrilled each moment. Am armed with designs and photos right now. Am enjoying this time of of my life more than ever. I am happy and just peaceful. Especially now that i can eat a full meal and drink gallons of water. YEY!

I wish you great day, love and joy my friends.

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old top: Naf Naf
vintage skirt: gift from Mother-in-Law
sandals: Itti
bangle: Quiapo
bag: Thrift
earrings: H&M


Lauren said...

That is a gorgeous skirt! It looks so good on you and it would be a shame to sell it. I think you should hold onto it until you can start dressing for one person again. :)

DaMnViXeN said...

i love how you remain colorful.. such a bright perspective kudos!

The ViXeN's LaiR

cherie said...

the skirt looks so good on you and you are one of the most chica mommies around :)

sweet said...

love the skirt...and as always your life is full of color...and I know that little one in your belly will soon to have that colorful life soon...

You do not need to be fugly because you are pregnant...c'mon you deserve a great style...and just have fun with it!!!

I know you can..
take care always

have fun love

Baśka said...

whatever you wear, always look stunning <3 take care of yourself <3

nookie said...

love it dear

Lloyda said...

true on the i have nothing to wear part! just wait until you reach your 8th month... hahaha. i am having a bit of a challenge coming up with outfits now. :D

you still look great denise! invest in cute flat sandals!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love your skirt! Congratulations on your pregnancy. With a beautiful mom like you, your child is going to be extremely lucky in the genes department! ;)

Divorce Lawyers Melbourne said...

This outfit is super pretty. love your skirt

Estate Lawyers Melbourne said...

Great outfit. the bag and skirt are super nice.

Sandra said...

Oh, I didn't knew you're pregnant. Congratulations on that and all the best for you two and the rest of your family! Love the bag you are carrying around. Simple, but chic!

Greetings from Brazil
xoxo Sandra


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