July 7, 2010

Congratulations, Its a Herbivore!

crochet dress
crochet dress
crochet dress
crochet dress

Well I can only get pregnant for the first time in my entire life so I won't stop talking about this till I pop. Nothing compares to the magic of pregnancy. I never imagined the power and capability of a woman till the joy of forming a new life in your own body. The first trimester was definitely the hardest and I thought it was never gonna end. I was 3 weeks along the day we knew we're finally pregnant and I can't wait to tell the world. But am cautious and scared that some unavoidable accident can happen. So i waited till my 3rd month just to be sure. But of course told some friends and families of our little bundle of secret cos this is the most wonderful blessing we just can't contain to ourselves.

First tri for me was the longest days of my life. Can't eat and drink. I constantly vomit, i was weak. Because i can't eat and so hungry all the time I was miserable and sad. It was the hardest 10 weeks of physical and emotional struggle. Then i was hospitalized for dehydration. But my doctor said not to worry as long as am not spotting. which am not, then mine is still considered a healthy pregnancy. Thank God the baby is strong. 

Am on my 16th week now and i feel better, stronger and finally I can eat again. Am really really happy. 

In case you want to know, am a carnivore. I love meat. I love my steak. But right now the baby is going on a different direction. He/she may be a herbivore. Meat has a nasty bitter taste right now, so I can't argue with that. The baby is definitely health conscious which is good right, cos he/she loves fruits and vegetables and especially pickles. Can't get enough of it.

Well thank you so much for listening to me. So is there a mommy out there? Please please share your stories with us. 

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crochet dress: thrift
tights: YRYS


cat creates said...

i love your dress and tights! you're so "pregnantly" (is there such a word haha!) pretty. i'm glad to hear that you're doing ok. hope you'll have more time now to blog. i love reading your stories and of course your pictures....update your thrift shop too...pleeeassse!!! haha! take care, have a healthy pregnancy and god bless:)

nonie said...

Thanks God and you both okay now...your such a pretty preggy lady. Nice dress den, no sign of bumps huh!
Enjoy being a mommy, god bless!

The Lioness said...

ano ba beyb? mas mukha pa akong preggers sayu.. bat ganun?

OMG, my soon to be inaanak ay kailangan maimpluwensyahan. magiging carnivore ka din once u pop out! ako ang sugo ng carnivores. haha! take care! miss na kita!

word verification: trapped! am i?

Melai said...

Ate denise! Goosh. No signs of pregnancy yet. I mean you're not gaining too much weight yet, you looked blooming. This dress is wonderful :) I also love your shades! Bagay na bagay sa face mo :) Miss seeing these grasses :) Lovely pictures as always :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Annachiara Savio said...

wow darling...you're woooonderfull!!! *_*

katzilla said...

Your dress is so pretty!
All the best with your mommyhood


Kookie B. said...

kudos to the Mister for these beautiful photos!!! my fave is the 2nd photo!!! very lovely LBD too!

take care of the little one always!

Mode Junkie said...

you look awesome as a mommy to be denise! not that you looked less awesome before. ;)
and yes there´s a mommy over here! WOOT!
i didn´t have much complications during the pregnancy. no morning sickness and all that shit. so sorry for you. but this too shall pass. ;)


Baśka said...

haha, i adore the 3rd picture!

Chevy Mae Duque said...

you have amazing pictures!!

Monica Wu said...

nice pics ;) i like your dress

Mom Daughter Style said...

my first three months was the hardest, i can only drink coconut juice. i vomit all stuff i eat, i was very worried but just like you, we waited a long time until i finally get pregnant and was even praying that i'll accept a hard pregnancy and i got it (yey!)... my delivery was hard too.

emily said...

congratulations! and i'm glad you're feeling better. you look so gorgeous, i love the black lace dress!

camerafilmroll said...

Lovely dress!

Bea said...

Hi Den! Congratulations on the baby. If you don't already then definitely check out http://jenloveskev.com/!

She is a bit ahead of you in the maternity game but I think you could relate to her a lot. And I believe she links to other baby blogs.

And of course, Lloyda of http://fashionistafortunecookie.blogspot.com/ for a great stylish mommy to be.

Hope that helps and continue to take care!

B from A plus B

Anonymous said...

awww....your baby wants the best for the both of you Denise...

I really love the dress and your smile is so great...

getting prettier everyday!!!

we would love to hear your stories about pregnancy in your post dear...nothing to worry about that we are just as excited as you are!!!

take care love!

pehpot said...

i laready have 4 kids and every time, during my pregnancy with them, I feel the same, at times worst than the other, it was really hard for me but of course, when I gave birth and saw my baby, it was all worth it :)

you two take care

Carys said...

Thanks for your comment, and congratulations!! These are such lovely pictures, you look so pretty!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Anonymous said...

Hi! I feel you, When I was pregnant my first trimester was so difficult. I lost 10lbs coz I can't hardly keep down what I eat, in short I had a sensitive pregnancy but babe is strong & now she's a healthy smart 5 month old bundle of joy :) have a safe journey! :)


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