July 17, 2010

Fallen Tree

fallen tree
fallen tree
fallen tree
fallen tree

I am most depressed come rainy season. Not because of the longer nights but the number of strong devastating typhoons that passes our poor country every year. Well, I don't want to make you feel bad today. Just can't ignore the fact that in coming week there's one more typhoon and God knows what will happen then. Please be safe Philippines.


On other news, my tummy is getting bigger. It's harder to get dressed everyday, or at least to style my bump in a non bloated fashion. I just wanted to get this baby bigger so people don't have to think trice whether I just had a big burger. Can you feel my excitement? Can't wait to get this bump on the road. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

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dress: thrift
shoes: Menderz
bag: Charles and Keith
necklace: gift from Leonabeybeh

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Ann said...

lol---got me there on the big burger comment. Once your tummy grows Miss Denise, they'll be wondering if you swallowed a whole watermelon,=)

Teeyah. said...

Super beautiful and fasyon as ever, Denise! Just like you, I'm afraid of storms now more than ever :( But have faith that it won't happen again :)

And I'm sooo crushing on your dresses!

trililpigs said...

i know how you feel Denise! that's why everytime i'm pregnant i start wearing tops that would make me look preggers even if i'm just on my 3rd month, hehe..here's another pretty preggy lady you might wanna see http://www.adoredaustin.com/ (if you haven't seen her blog yet). I'm excited to see more of your belly bump posts! =)

libys11 said...

very bohemian chic!!!! take care always, dear!! :D

Animated Confessions

Joanna Ladrido said...

i think you look fantastic in this bohemian dress and those gorgeous accessories. i think you should flaunt that baby bump dear!

Joanna Ladrido

muchlove said...

awww, congratulations on the pregnancy! how very exciting! :)

Lloyda said...

ah i feel you. it's so hard to dress around the baby bump. hahaha.

Bea said...

That line about the burger just cracked me up. I am looking forward to seeing your creativity with outfits grow along with your baby bump. It's such a blessing for you!

I've also been really anxious every time it rains. I hope nothing too bad will happen :)

B from A plus B

Sweet said...

I am so excited for you Denise...

is the tree at your background fell down because of the typhoon???

you still look amazing as always...

take care gorgeous!!!

WendyB said...

Ha ha -- yes, my sister felt the same way about the tummy look.


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